Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Looking Forward to Lebaran…

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Looking Forward to Lebaran...

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Looking Forward to Lebaran…

Namaste Friends,

And its a wrap…Indoindians Bazaar last Sunday, 9th April, with Art Exhibition, Food Court and Workshops was a huge success.  It was a celebration of local businesses, entrepreneurs and artists in the Jakarta. It was inaugurated by Shri Jayant N. Khobragade Ambassador of India to ASEAN, with his wife Priya Khobragade. ‘It is indeed wonderful to see the results of Indoindians to bring about this collaboration at the community level.’ he said.

The bazaar had over 1500 visitors, featuring 12 artists at the art exhibition, 10 food court vendors, over 120 local vendors, and interactive workshops by Art of Living Indonesia, Pilates ReBar and Shareen Ratnani, creating a vibrant atmosphere that highlights the rich diversity of Indian and Indonesian culture.

A BIG thank you to all our sponsors, partners, vendors, artists, visitors and hotel Westin staff!

We are just a week from Hari Raya Idul Fitri on April 21-22, and you will notice a growing excitement in the air, as Lebaran approaches and Indonesia makes plans for the special celebration.

In our newsletter this week:

  • Event report on the Indoindians Bazaar
  • Ketupat: Traditional Indonesian Rice Cakes
  • How Lebaran is Celebrated in Indonesia
  • A Taste of Lebaran Food in Indonesia
  • 4 Indonesian Desserts Served Warm
  • 5 Iconic Lebaran Cookies in Indonesia
  • Managing Your Household Staff in Indonesia
  • All About Mudik
  • Visit Puncak – for a Relaxed Holiday with Family
  • TravelDestination: Banyuwangi

warm regards,
Indoindians Team
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Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Looking Forward to Lebaran…