#IndoindiansYogaChallenge Day 2: VIRABHADRASANA III- Warrior III Pose

#IndoindiansYogaChallenge Day 2: VIRABHADRASANA III- Warrior III Pose

Day 2 #IndoindiansYogaChallenge: VIRABHADRASANA III- Warrior III Pose


Going into the asana: 
– Begin standing in with your feet hip-distance apart and your arms at your sides
– Press your weight into your right foot. Lift your left leg as you lower your torso, making your body parallel to the ground. Your extended arms will now reach forward.
– Muscles of both legs must keep being actively engaged. Straighten your standing leg but do not lock your knees.
– Stretch your body from your fingertips all the way through your lifted heel.

Effects of the asana: 
– Strengthens your leg muscles
– Improves whole body balance
– Builds core strength.

Tips & Requirements:

  • Wear comfortable lose clothes during the asanas.
  • Use a yoga mat or a carpet to perform your asanas. Don’t directly practice on the floor.
  • Practice on an empty stomach empty or at least 2-3 hours of gap between meals.

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