#IndoindiansYogaChallenge Day 6: GOMUKHASANA- Cow-Face Pose

#IndoindiansYogaChallenge Day 6: GOMUKHASANA- Cow-Face Pose

Day 6 #IndoindiansYogaChallenge: GOMUKHASANA- Cow-Face Pose

Going into the asana: 
– Slide your knees toward your center line, stacking the right knee directly over the left.
– Twist the right hand behind you, above your head
– Then twist the left hand behind, below your head
– Interlock the hands
– Relax your neck, with the spine straight

Effects of the asana: 
– Deep stretch of hips, ankles, thighs, shoulders, armpit, chest, deltoid and triceps
– May help correct posture.
– Creates flexibility on all parts of the body.
– open your hips and chest, fixing the slumping position many adopt while sitting for a long time
– Aids chronic knee pain
– Strengthens spine and abdominals
– Helps decompress low spine (during folded variation)
– Clears hip joint

Tips & Requirements:

  • Wear comfortable lose clothes during the asanas.
  • Use a yoga mat or a carpet to perform your asanas. Don’t directly practice on the floor.
  • Practice on an empty stomach empty or at least 2-3 hours of gap between meals.

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