#IndoindiansYogaChallenge Day 7: SIRSASANA- Headstand Pose

#IndoindiansYogaChallenge Day 7: SIRSASANA- Headstand Pose

Day 6 #IndoindiansYogaChallenge: SIRSASANA- Headstand Pose

SIRSASANA- Headstand Pose

Going into the asana: 
– Get on your elbows and knees
– Clasp your hands together, interlacing your fingers
– Place the crown of your head on the floor. The very top of your head should be down—neither too far forward nor back. The back of your head will rest at the bases of your thumbs rather than your hands holding your skull.
– Lift your hips and straighten your legs
– Carefully walk your feet in toward your head until your hips are as close to over your shoulders as possible.
– Lift your right foot to bring your right knee to your chest.
– In a slow, controlled, movement lift your left foot and bring it to your chest alongside your right. Straighten both your legs gradually.
– Making sure your weight is not all on your head but rather on your forearm

Effects of the asana: 
– calm the mind
– alleviate stress and depression
– activate the pituitary and pineal glands
– stimulate the lymphatic system
– strengthen the upper body, spine, and core
– enhance lung capacity
– stimulate and strengthen abdominal organs
– boost digestion
– alleviate symptoms of menopause
– prevent headache

Tips & Requirements:

  • Wear comfortable lose clothes during the asanas.
  • Use a yoga mat or a carpet to perform your asanas. Don’t directly practice on the floor.
  • Practice on an empty stomach empty or at least 2-3 hours of gap between meals.

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