Indonesian Traditional Dishes Found Only During Ramadhan


One of the most interesting things about Ramadhan is that there are some foods that are available only during this fasting month. Almost every city in Indonesia has its own takjil (appetizer to break the fast). Let’s look at these 7 dishes that are only available during Ramadhan month in Indonesia:

Jongkong from Medan, North Sumatera


This is one of the most wanted foods during break-fasting time in Medan. The texture is soft and it tastes sweet—that is why many people sell this dish during Ramadhan month. Jongkong is made from rice flour that is mixed with water, and then cooked until thick. Pandan leaves are added to give it aroma and color. After the dough is cooked, it is left until cool and thickened. When the rice flour dough is thickened, it is then put in banana leave wrapping and filled with coconut and palm sugar. It is then wrapped and steamed. Usually, jongkong is served warm along with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup.

Pakat from Tapanuli, North Sumatera


You probably have never heard this name before. Pakat is a traditional dish from Tapanuli. Just like Jongkong, Pakat is a dish that you can only find during Ramadhan month. This dish is made from young rattan (yes, you read it right). The rattan is cut 1 meter long and then grilled for 1 hour. After the rattan is cooked, they are then skinned and the white inner part is cut into small sticks. Before serving, Pakat is sprinkled with serundeng (seasoned fried coconut).

Kicak from Yogyakarta


Kicak is made from glutinous rice that is mixed with shredded coconut and jackfruit chops. The sweet and savory flavor of Kicak makes this dish is perfect as takjil. Unfortunately, you can only find this dish in Yogyakarta during Ramadhan month.

Bongko Kopyor from Gresik, East Java

bongko kopyor

This traditional snack is one of the culinary heritages from Gresik. Bongko Kopyor is made of wheat flour, banana, coconut meat, coconut milk, jackfruit and bread. All of those are wrapped in banana leaves. Not only delish, Bongko Kopyor is believed to have ability to restore our energy after one day of fasting. This sweet treat is a special menu that you only can find during Ramadhan month in Gresik.

Bingka from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan


This cake is one of the specialty cakes in South Kalimantan. Usually, Bingka is molded in a flower-shaped mold. Bingka is made from the mixture of flour, eggs, sugar and coconut milk. Sometimes mashed potato is also added to enhance the taste. Nowadays, Bingka appears with various toppings, such as jackfruit, banana, chocolate, cheese, and many more. It is quite difficult to find Bingka outside Ramadhan month.

Sotong Pangkong from Pontianak, West Kalimantan


You only can find this unique dish during Ramadhan. Sotong Pangkong is made from sotong (squid) that are dried and roasted until crispy. After roasted, those squids are pounded using a hammer until thin. As you might imagine, this dish tastes savory. If you’re in Pontianak during Ramadhan, you can find Sotong Pangkong along Jalan Merdeka, Pontianak.

Kolak Ayam from Gresik, West Java

kolak ayam

You may be shocked when hearing about this kind of dish. Just like other Kolak, the main ingredients of this dessert are coconut milk and palm sugar. However, unlike other Kolak which is using banana, cassava or sweet potatoes, shredded chicken and leeks are added to Kolak Ayam. It may sound weird, but Kolak Ayam has been the tradition among Gresik people. Usually, Kolak Ayam is served on day 23 of Ramadhan in Gumeno, Gresik, West Java.