Marvin Suwarso: The world’s first Mentor Coach of Engage & Grow

Marvin Suwarso The world's first Mentor Coach of Engage & Grow

Marvin Suwarso is the world’s first Mentor Coach of Engage & Grow, a program that offers a powerful formula to activate employees and teams to become fully engaged and more profitable, while allowing them to love what they do.

Marvin took on this ground-breaking, neurologically designed Engage & Grow program and has successfully applied it with the most number of clients among all other Engage & Coaches worldwide. He was recently recognized as the Australasia Engage & Grow Coach Of The Year, and is now bringing Engage & Grow to Indonesia as a Master Licensee.

Since 1995, he has worked with hundreds of teams, athletes, leaders and businesses, moving them out of the state of stagnation and into the winner’s circle.

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