Parenting Workshop Report: How to Raise a Successful Child


On Saturday (24/03), participants gathered to attend IndoIndians’ “How to Raise a Successful Child: Parenting Workshop” at the Indian Club Office with speaker/educator Shareen Ratnani, a Montessori Plus Preschool Directress and Co-Founder of Kiddie Planet.

Before the event started, parents who had came early had a chance to interact with each other and with Shareen. The atmosphere was warm and friendly as the parents began asking advice about their child. Even with the different variety of questions, she managed to answer all of them in a professional manner.

The event started with an ice breaker where parents had to ask three people what they think of success. Interestingly, each parent has a different definition of success. Shareen then began to explain each aspect that can affect a child’s success.

Other than giving tips and advice, she also included a number of group activities for the parents.

She stated that the mantra of parenting should be: Do not do for the child what the child can do for themselves as this help the child develop into independent and self regulating adults.

The presentation as below:

The 12 secrets for success shared through examples were:

  1. High Expectations
  2. Don’t Compare
  3. Pygmalion effect
  4. Practice makes perfect
  5. Grit
  6. Praise effort over achievement
  7. Positive relationships
  8. Develop Emotional intelligence
  9. Effective praise
  10. Don’t be a helicopter parent
  11. Lets move it
  12. Assign chores
 Shareen also spoke about DQ – Digital Quotient and how as digital natives, children need to be taught how to effectively use the power of technology.

After the event has ended, participants are directed to eat the snacks provided by and are free to socialize with other parents or ask for more advice from the speaker.

For those who have attended it, we thank you for your participation and we hope to see you again next time. For those who haven’t, we welcome you to our next event.