Raman Tata: Indoindians Charity Event Auctioneer

Raman Tata Indoindians Charity Event Auctioneer

‘Art is the most powerful form of expression” is what Raman believes. He appreciates art in all forms and while not an artist himself, has participated in and attended art auctions and exhibitions to understand and value the perceptions of different artists.
Raman supports Habitat for Humanity and charitable organisations in India as well as Indonesia. He greatly values the efforts of people and institutions towards education and more so their endeavors to help those in need.
Raman, a finance and management professional, has lived in Jakarta for the last two decades and is conversant with the country culture. He is familiar with the work of most of the artists participating in this event, and wishes all the artists and the organisers a very successful event.

Indoindians Charity art auction on Sunday, 29th April from 4pm at Hotel Manahattan supports Saraswati Learning Center for children with special needs.