Recommended Medical Doctors in Jakarta

Recommended doctors in Jakarta

Print out this page and stick it on your refrigerator as a ready resource. A growing list of medical doctors recommended by the Indoindians community of Facebook here


Dr. Widi Mariyadi. He is a leading Gynecologist. He is a Balinese based in Jakarta and did his Post Graduation from B J Medical College, Pune, India

  • Phone +62-8161150363
  • Res : +62-217220205.

Dr Ivan Sini

  • Address: Bunda International
  • Phone: +62-811960887


Dr Tiwi

  • Address: RSIA Bunda
  • Phone: +62-816761717


Dr. Eliana F. Taufik.

  • Address: Mitra Hospital, Kemayoran from Monday to Saturday.
  • Res: +62-216545555

Dr Felix

  • Address: Mitra Kelapa Gading
  • Phone: +62-2145852700

Prof.Dr.H.Zubairi Djoerban-(Haematologist & Medical Oncologist) (Expert in Lupus)

  • Address: Rumah Sakit KRAMAT 128,Jakarta
  • Phone:+62-213909513 / 3909514 / 39018287 / 39018288.


Dr Ucok P Siregar. Best orthopedic. For adults and kids.

  • Phone: +62-811927964


Dr. Antono Sutandar. He has practiced in Singapore.

  • Address: RS Siloam Kebon Jeruk
  • Phone: +62-21256778888


Dr Purba,

  • Address: Jakarta Eye Center, Jl. Cik Ditiro 46 Menteng,
  • Phone: +62-2129221000
  • Website:


Dr Oda and her team for all dental treatment from cavities to braces and replacement. Or you can check out our list of some good dental clinic in Jakarta.

  • Address: Oda Clinic in Kelapa Gading, JL. Boulevard Barat, Komplek Balai Samudra Blok B, opposite MOI
  • Phone: +62-2145851121 / +62-87885951985 in Kuningan

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Indian Doctors in Indonesia

Akashi Dr Chatani: +62-82112616106

Dr Amarvir: +62-85285868989 / +62-85295959548

Dr Anita: +62-81286925009

Dr. Arvind (Neurosurgeon): +62-81511177808

Dr Banu SpPD: +62-83808934085

Dr Darpan: +62-81318186998

Dr Kishore Mulani: +62-816951113

Dr Kishore SpA +62-8129007735

Dr Tripi: +62-85360085948

Dr Gurmeet singh: +62-81385158159

Dr Hira: +62-816715700

Sunita Dr Kishore: +62-817795277 / +62-2164588640

Dr Varkha: +62-81806666000

Drg Keerti Moorjani (dentist): +62-85811147448 / +62-81510989096

Dr Ranjan: +62-811189792

Dr Vikas: +62-85775096624

Dr. Rajesh Kalwani. MD Sp.PD FINASIM (Internist, Oncology-Hematology)

  • Address: Sahara Klinik, Kemayoran, Jakarta Utara
  • Phone: +62-818160205
  • Email:

dr. Gurusamy Asogan, MBBS., FCGP. (Family Practitioner)

  • Address: Universal Clinic, South Jakarta, Great Jakarta
  • Phone: +62-87788819452
  • Email:

Dr. Narain H. Punjabi, FAAP Phd. (Pediatrician)

  • Address: International SOS, South Jakarta, Great Jakarta
  • Phone: +62-8161474637
  • Email:

Dr. Varkha Lachman, MBBS (Family Practitioner)

  • Address: Bunda International Clinic / US Embassy Health Unit / Anak Bangsa Clinic Sunter
  • Email:

Dr. G.V. Murali Moan Babu, PhD (Manager, Group Formulation Development)

  • Address: Dexa Medica, Jakarta
  • Phone: +62-81285717429
  • Email:

dr. Nina Kalumal Bhagnani (General Practitioner)

  • Address: RSPAD Gatot Soebroto, Jakarta
  • Phone: +62-818961321

dr. Kishore R.J. Siswan, Sp.A (Pediatrician)

Address: RS Mitra Keluarga Kemayoran, Kemayoran, Jakarta Utara

dr. Sanjay Singh (Director)

  • Address: RS Puri Medika, Jakarta
  • Phone: +62-87777782879
  • Email:

This list is just a start and we need your input to grow this into a rich resource. Please send your recommendations, tips on health care in Indonesia to Poonam Sagar at or respond in the comments below.