Sabudaana Vada & Appe for Navratri by Leela Kothari


Sabudana Vada are synonymous with Navratri Vrat food as it is vegetarian and ticks all the boxes on the allowed food as well being crunchy and tasty. Despite its easy recipe, it can be tricky to make the perfect sabudana vada. It might disintegrate while frying or soak up a lot of oil.

Leela Kothari shares her tips and techniques to make the perfect sabudana vada and appe.

◆1 cup medium sized Sabudana (Indian or Indonesian)
◆3 Potatoes normal size.
◆1/4th cup Peanuts
◆3-6 Green Chillies
◆1 tsp Jeera (Optional)
◆Salt (sendha namak) as per taste{after frying taste of salt increases}

● Wash and Soak Sabudana overnight
● Roast and peel the peanuts.
● boil 3 potatoes, let it cool then peel and just mash a little.
● Mix well – Sabudana, mashed potatoes, peanuts, green chilli, jeera and salt
● Make flat Vada for frying , keep in refrigerator for 10 minutes and then fry at high flame.
Serve hot with chutney

For Appe
●Make round balls for shallow fry. Cook them in Appe pan on low flame
Serve hot with chutney

7 Tips on making perfect Sabudana vadas/Appe-

  1. Use a shallow bowl to soak sabudana overnight in fridge. The water should be an inch above the sabudana.
  2. There should be no moisture in Sabudana or potatoes. Leave sabudana in a strainer for longer if you feel there is moisture. Place boiled potatoes,cut in half on paper towel to remove all moisture or microwave the potatoes instead of pressure cooker or pot to boil the potatoes. If you feel there is moisture in the potatoes, put them in fridge for some time. For best results, microwave the potatoes.
  3. Wet or oil hands to make smooth vadas, there should be no cracks.
  4. The oil in the kadhai/wok should be slightly hotter than usual but if its too hot, it will brown too quickly.
  5. Do not put more than 3 vadas at a time. If they stick, don’t try to  separate them in Kadhai/wok.
  6. DO NOT DISTURB the vadas by constantly turning. Turn only once when one side turns golden(If needed turn again)
  7. Let oil heat before each batch of vadas.


Leela Kotharishared by Leela Kothari