Sanaiyah Gurnamal, Founder of The Third Eye Wellness


Sanaiyah Gurnamal is the founder and owner of The Third Eye Wellness Center, a mind-body-energy health and well being center in Bonifacio Global City, Philippines.

She is a ThetaHealing® Master Practitioner and Instructor and has received her Certificate of Science, the highest certification in ThetaHealing®. Recently, we had an interview session with Sanaiyah, in which she explained more about ThetaHealing® and its differences to other healing practices.

“ThetaHealing® is meditative process of accessing the Source or Creator energy. It is a mind-body-energy healing technique that uses the Source energy that flows through all things to produce instant and permanent change. This results in physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation,” said Sanaiyah who experienced an instant healing through ThetaHealing® in 2009. “This session can heal your body from pain, disease, and dysfunctions as well as correct the faulty belief system that created the disease and disorder in your life/body in the first place.”

Sanaiyah became a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor from Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge (THInK USA) and was inspired by the many instant healings her clients experienced. “A ThetaHealing® session is as much for anyone who feels stuck, negative, alone or confused as it is for those individuals simply looking to improve themselves or their lives. I see clients with issues ranging from cancer to depression, relationship issues to financial challenges, to finding one’s life purpose or just exploring alternative perspective of life, which are all easily addressed by ThetaHealing®.”

ThetaHealing® changed her life dramatically. It taught her to be responsible for my life, her thoughts and her reality, which she is constantly creating on a daily basis. “I’ve literally seen miracles both in my life and the lives of my clients from diseases healing instantly to cancer going into remission. It is awe-inspiring to see the changes and transformations on a daily basis on people’s lives,” said Sanaiyah.

She said that she was led to ThetaHealing because of her desire to learn more about healing and spirituality. “I also have a purpose to heal people. I’ve witnessed so many changes and healing, that I’m inspired every day to share it with as many people as possible.”

Her road to personal fulfillment follows the path being a motivational speaker at events, workshops, and training programs; spreading awareness through teaching; and taking on individual therapy sessions with clients. It is with this vision coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit that she started The Third Eye Wellness, an organization that promotes a holistic and integrative approach to health and well-being.

As a ThetaHealer, Sanaiyah is trained in a class to slow down her brain waves to a theta state, which allows her to take her consciousness out of her body and connect with the GOD energy as one. “Once directed by the healer, the energy can go into the person and change, heal, transform instantly. The healer also becomes very psychic and intuitive in the theta brainwave state, allowing them to see the root of the problem and help the client address it appropriately for complete reversal or resolution,” said Sanaiyah who is now the Representative of ThetaHealing® for the Philippines on behalf of THInK USA.

In comparison with other alternative healing therapies like Reiki or crystal healing, ThetaHealing® is one of the only registered healing techniques worldwide because of its efficacy and ability to meet international requirements with its results. “There are several hundred thousand ThetaHealers in the world today in every country you can imagine. We teach Reiki healers, crystal healers, and many other certified healers how to integrate ThetaHealing® into their current practice, so it is not really mutually exclusive with other techniques,” she continued. “We believe that ThetaHealing® strengthens every healer’s ability to focus on the healing technique that they are most inclined towards; therefore it is a technique that brings all others together.”

ThetaHealing® is also quick, so you can see results right away in one session of healing. “It is also rooted in science, so the medical communities in many countries are quite open to it. In some countries, one of them is Japan, hospitals and clinics are hiring ThetaHealers to work alongside doctors because the rate of healing of the patients tends to improve dramatically when both medicine and ThetaHealing® are combined,” said Sanaiyah who is now a resident guest on several radio and television programs in Philippines.

Sanaiyah’s Free Session In Jakarta on March 30th. Details below:

Sanaiyah Gurnamal Free Session in Jakarta
Sanaiyah Gurnamal Free Session in Jakarta on 30th March, 2017. For inquiries or registration, get in touch with Chaya Keswani at 081519984494.