Indonesian Food Recipe: Sayur Loday ( Lodeh )


Sayur Loday

Ingredients for loday / lodeh:

  • 300 grammes (10 oz) Labu Siam
  • 300 grammes (10 oz) Long beans
  • 240 grammes (8 oz) French beans
  • 300 grammes (10 oz) Cabbage
  • 4 hard bean curd cakes
  • 60 grammes (One-and-a-half oz) galangal (lengkuas), peeled and smashed
  • One lemon grass (daun sereh), cleaned and smashed
  • 20 shallots, peeled
  • One-and-a-half to two coconuts, grated or one-and-a-half cups processed coconut milk
  • 6 cups water
  • 2 tsp salt
  • One tsp sugar
  • 6-10 dried chillies
  • One cup vegetable oil

Directions :

  1. Cut cabbage into bite-sized pieces. String French beans and cut into finger lengths diagonally. Cut long beans into finger lengths. Peel labu siam and shred into finger lengths.
  2. Soak dried chillies till soft for half hour in warm water. Pound till fine. Cut each bean curd diagonally. Place wok over high heat and when smoking, add oil. When hot, deep fry the bean curd cakes till golden. Drain. Remove all but 6 Tbs oil and stir fry the pounded chillies till fragrant. Keep aside.
  3. Mix coconut with half cup water and squeeze for thick milk. Set aside. Mix with remaining water and squeeze fot thin milk. Or mix half cup processed coconut milk with water.
  4. Pound or grind shallots coarsely.
  5. Place thin coconut milk in a suacepan and turn on high heat. Add shallot mixture, dried prawns, galangal and lemon grass. When boiling, add labu siam, long beans, French beans, cabbage and prawns. When boiling again, add bean curd and seasoning. Add thick coconut milk and chillies and oil mixture. Boil 10 minutes and serve.