Sustainable Beauty Tips

Sustainable Beauty Tips

For most women, beauty products are sometimes inseparable from themselves. It is what keeps them confident in facing their day-to-day life. Yet the waste from these products contributes to environmental pollution on this earth. Realizing this, environmentalists have started to pay attention more and coin a term called sustainable beauty.

You can practice sustainable beauty by simply applying these 4 practices to your daily life:

Using Existing Products Until You Run Out Before Buying New

Women who love beauty products are often influenced by the glowing reviews from beauty influencers and social media. That’s what makes most people want to buy new products, even though there are still products left and haven’t been used up. To apply the principles of sustainable beauty, you can learn to refrain from spending existing products first, then buying new ones. Because of course, the more products, the more waste that must be disposed of. It can also help you live a more frugal and minimalist life.

Read reviews and choose products according to your needs

The wrong choice often makes products that have been purchased become unused or even wasted. In addition to being redundant, of course this will also increase the waste of used products more. Therefore, before buying or trying a new product, be sure to read the review thoroughly. Make sure the product you want to buy is in accordance with your skin type! In addition, you also have to control yourself so that you actually buy products according to your needs.

Doing Product Research that Supports Sustainable Beauty

Another way to implement this principle is to look for brands or products that also support sustainable beauty. This can be seen from how the brand makes its products, is it trying not to pollute the environment? Then it can also be seen from the packaging, does it use materials that can be recycled? Other than that, you can observe how they manage used waste, do they provide services to recycle, reduce, repeat? If you know a brand that also applies the principle of sustainable beauty, then don’t hesitate to start buying their products.

Dispose of Used Products Properly

The last thing that can be done to support the principle of sustainable beauty is, of course, by properly managing used product waste. You can apply the 3R concept, namely, Recycle, Reduce, Repeat. To dispose of beauty product waste, you can collect it and then send it to a place that provides a Recycle Station or Garbage Bank collection which is now widely available.

Did you practice these tips? Do you have other tips? Share your experience in the comments section below!