Top 3 Qigong Masters in Indonesia


Qigong or chikung is a form of gentle exercise meant to increase the flow of liquid in the body by continuous stretching and deep breaths. One’s Qi is the life force of the body, responsible for keeping it alive, healthy and moving. Thus, the flow of Qi in the body is extremely important. According to Chinese knowledge, blocked Qi will result in weakness and illness. A strong flow of Qi in the body results health benefits and higher immune system. Despite the benefits, not many people practice nor know the benefits of qigong in Indonesia. Fortunately, there are still a number of qigong masters in Indonesia who are absolutely dedicated to their craft.

Here are the top 3 Qigong masters in Indonesia:

John Chang

John Chang is perhaps the most famous Qigong master in Indonesia. A documentary of him burning paper with his bare hands and emitting electricity from his stomach created a sensation during the 80s. Western scientists have tried to analyze his abilities.

At first, John Chang would only let the camera crew film him with the condition that the film will not be circulated. However, his documentary was widespread as soon as it was done. Just as the video became a sensation and he began to be widely known, Chang vanished from the public eye. Even the film’s crews were not successful in finding him. Until this day, there are not many people who can say they have successfully met him as his exact address is still shrouded in mystery.

Tevia Feng


Tevia Feng is the founder of White tiger Qigong, a prominent Qigong school all over the world. This school is particularly spread out in various countries from Thailand, Australia, Germany, Japan, Indonesia and many more. Impressively, Feng himself began his practice in the martial arts from the age of 7. He has traveled all over the world and went to China to learn from Qigong masters to improve himself on this art.

As a result of his effort, he is authorized to teach Qigong and Baguazhang of the Tian Ji Dao sect from Hong Kong and mainland China. Not only has he taught people all over the world, but he has also helped cure some of the illnesses and worked with a variety of people from various careers such as professional athletes, ballet dancers, yogis, martial artists, and CEOs.

 Grand Master Tan Soo Kong

Initially, Grand Master Tan Soo Kang was a successful businessman in the Information Technology and Food & Beverages Industry. However after a Qigong Grand Master showed him the ways of Qigong, he became intrigued by it and sought out to use Qigong to alleviate the suffering of people.

Currently, Grand Master Tan provides treatment services and conducts Qigong training to maintain health and provide self-healing. In addition, he also provides specialised training for aspiring medical Qigong practitioners. His students and patients come from a variety of countries all around the world from Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, India, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, UK, Russia, Germany and Thailand.

Although there are many Qigong masters in Indonesia, these three are the most renowned in Indonesia. Not only can they teach qigong for those who are interested, but they are also able to cure illnesses using their abilities. Most of the time, their interest in medicine does not end there and would extend to acupuncture, taichi, martial arts and many more.

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