Travelling Tips for Couples


Travelling with your significant other can seem fun at first. However without careful preparation, what seemed like fun will quickly run downhill. For this reason, you must be much more prepared than travelling solo or with your family members.

Here are things you must be prepared before travelling with your partner:

Be transparent about your budget beforehand

One of the most common issues couples fight over is money. So this should be the first and foremost issue that should be cleared before other aspects of the travel. Issues such as how each would like to spend their money, the accommodations each of you are comfortable for, and who will be paying for what. You can create spreadsheets or just a simple notepad to keep track of your finances. Make sure everything is a done deal before you book and head to your vacation.

Make a Wish List Together

When planning, both of you should figure out the itinerary together and not separately. You can start by writing down a list of things you’d like to do, see and eat while you’re on the road. Or you can get creative with how you brainstorm. One way to determine your itinerary is to figure out how you want to feel during the trip. If you are looking for a relaxing trip, then pick beach destinations; if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, then look for destinations that are much more adventurous. Finally, try not to jam-pack your trip with too many destinations from day to night. It is a surefire way to make your trip stressful for both you and your partner. Keep your plans flexible to stay ready for unexpected hitches.

Take some alone time

Just because you are going to travel with your significant other for a set amount of time, does not mean that you need to be joined at the hip for the entirety for the trip. We recommend you to set aside some time alone in advance, so that you will have some time to relieve yourself of the vacation-related stress and recharge your energy. You can either find a specific activity to go do alone or just relax with a book or by the pool. On the plus side, you will come to miss each other after spending some time apart therefore creating a much more enjoyable trip.

Choose a destination you’re both excited about

Other than creating a wishlist that both of you will agree upon your vacation, it’s also important to choose a destination that the both of you will be excited about. Doing this will make the journey easier for you and your partner, for this will prevent one person from doing all the planning and avoiding all sorts of arguments from developing.

Be Prepared for Changes

While making plans for travelling, it’s also important to remember that there maybe things that might not go as planned. Despite planning your best, there are bound to be moments you can’t control where things go wrong. It can either be from a delayed flight to arriving to a hotel that’s overbooked. It’s therefore important to talk to your partner in advance on how you’ll handle things, and come up with a Plan B.

Regroup afterwards

Regrouping is not a common thing to do after a couple have their vacation together, but it is both important and can even be beneficial to the relationship. You can do this by picking a time to check in with each other. Talk about the best parts of the day and if there’s anything you want to do differently the next day.

Despite all the things you might be going through during the vacation, it will make your relationship stronger. You will get to know your partner while also enjoying your vacation together, making new memories that will last for a lifetime.

Do you have any other tips for couples who are travelling? Share your experiences and tips in the comments section down below!