Try Ginger Milk during Indonesia’s Rainy Season


During the rainy season, drinking warm and healthy drinks are highly recommended. Rains in Indonesia start in October. Amongst the variety of very delicious herbal drinks that are suitable for Indonesian rainy season, one of them is ginger milk. Vitamin C and magnesium in ginger helps strengthen the immune system.

Try this healthy drink for you and your family this rainy season:


• 250 ml milk

• 1 tablespoon sugar

• 1 teaspoon grated ginger


1. Combine milk, sugar, ginger in a saucepan, cook on medium heat until the milk foams, about five minutes.

2. Remove the pan from the stove, strain the milk and pour in a glass.

3. Serve.

What healthy drink other than ginger milk do you recommend during the rainy season? What is the reason? Share what you think in the comments section below!