Which is your favorite cuppa?

Which is your favorite cuppa?

If there ever were an ultimate debate on what is the best hot beverage, which do you think deserves to win – tea or coffee?

My day would have an incomplete start if I didn’t have my huge mug of strong tea. My evenings would be dull without my healthy green tea. Breaks at work are opportunities to explore different herbal teas, from chamomile to cranberry. Tea is the ultimate beverage; it gives me energy while indulging my taste buds says Jyoti

Regular tea drinkers have a reduced risk of certain cancers and heart diseases. Tea also lowers blood sugar levels and prevents viral infections.
cup of tea contains a lot less caffeine than a cup of coffee, which means you don’t have to worry about your cholesterol levels.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, its best to limit tea to just a cup a day, or not have it at all, since too much of it can increase blood pressure.

A study published in the British Medical Journal stated that drinking very hot tea could increase the risk of throat cancer.

Which is your favorite cuppa?COFFEE
It is impossible to imagine my mornings without the rich, hot aroma of strong coffee waiting for me. Its the most stimulating, enriching thing ever; next to chocolates, of course. I have tried replacing it with tea on a few occasions, but I keep coming back to coffee religiously. Says Vasanthi

Purely because of its caffeine content. Its a better, faster, more effective instant morning fix than tea. One cup in the morning will make you feel more alert.
Filtered black coffee can prevent serious health risks like Alzheimers, colon cancer and type-2 diabetes.

Too much coffee can cause anxiety disorders, reduced resistance to stress and increased vulnerability to disease.
Regular coffee drinkers who quit may experience withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, reduced energy and alertness, difficulty in concentrating, irritability and even depression!

Fun fact
1 kg of black tea has twice the amount of caffeine as 1 kg of coffee. However, 1 kg of tea can fill 450 cups, whereas 1 kg of coffee can fill only 100!