Zinc : It’s Your Friend for Life

Zinc : It's Your Friend for Life

On the day you were born, zinc was there welcoming you into the world. Its life time protection for you had already begun, The nutrient values of zinc became an indispensable part of your life long before you opened your eyes and drew your first breath.

Zinc, found naturally in many foods we eat and as dietary supplement in vitamins, helped you grow healthy and strong, in your mother womb, preparing for your grand entrance into file.

In the hospital delivery room, a variety of precision life-sustaining equipment with components fabricated or coated with zinc to assure their dependability, stood ready to perform, Should the doctor have needed them. And when your delicate bottom suffered the tearful sting of the inevitable diaper rash, soothing zinc-based creams were there to help ease the pain.

Zinc is found worldwide in minerals, soils, and in the food you eat. After being mined, zinc ore is refined into zinc metal. Zinc is found in a variety of products including zinc creams, sun blocks and vitamins. However, zinc is primarily used for the galvanizing of steel, and in the production of brass and zinc oxides. So begins your lifelong association with zinc. As you grow, zinc contributions to your everyday health, safety and general well-being be come even greater yet.

In summer, zinc ointment is a very effective sun block, protecting your skin from the sun merciless and often damaging rays. For firsthand evidence of its popularity, simply take a stroll along a sunny, sandy beach and check the zinc cream on people noses. In winter, zinc ointment protects skiers the sun and from its often intense reflection off the snow. Zinc oxide is a key ingredient in medicated creams and lotions used in the treatment of wounds, skin disorders and numerous infections. Zinc oxide in bandages and plaster casts give an added edge to the healing process. The beautiful models who grace the pages of the world leading fashion journals awe part of their striking beauty to zinc. Because of its anti-bacterial and non-allergenic properties, zinc is used in many of the world finest cosmetics products.

Zinc is essential to both your physical and mental health. From healthy skin, hair and nails, to muscle, never and brain functions, zinc plays a key role. Teeth bones, the healing process, and the immune and reproductive systems are all dependent on a sufficient amount of zinc in your body.

Zinc works to protect you inside to protect you inside too. In fact, next to iron, zinc is the most prevalent of the vital trace elements found in your body. It’s in most of the food we eat. It’s often prescribed as a dietary supplement, to promote healthy growth and to contribute to general physical and mental well-being.
We humans aren’t alone in our need for zinc. By adding it to cattle feed, farmers are assured that their herds remain healthy. And zinc is also part of many fertilizers, helping our farmer provide batter foods to feed the world.

Zinc : It's Your Friend for Life

Zinc is indispensable to human health and to all living organisms. The human body contains two to three gms of zinc. It is responsible for the proper functioning of more than 300 enzymes in the human body. It is vital for the immune system, the expression of genes and the transfer of nervous signals. Zinc can relieve the symptoms of the common cold and can play a role in the treatment of behavioral disorders. Zinc lozenges have been shown to reduce the duration of the common cold by 42 per cent. Zinc is also commonly used for the treatment of acne, cold sores and dandruff. The recommended daily intake of zinc is 15 mg per day for men, 12 mg per day for women and 7-11 mg per day for children, depending on the age.

It is thus evident that throughout your life, health and beauty travel hand in hand with zinc. Modern life is inconceivable without zinc making this mineral your friend for life.