10 Reasons Why You Should Perform Surya Namaskar Daily


Reasons Why You Should Perform Surya Namaskar Daily

Practicing Surya Namaskar is one of the best ways to start your day. Also known as Sun Salutation, it is a sequence of 12 yoga poses that flow one into the other with rhythmic breathing. Each of the 12 poses of Surya Namaskar is designed to have a specific benefit on the body. The sequence can boost your cardiovascular health and improve your blood circulation, help you beat stress, and detox your body along with offering several other benefits such as:

1. Boosts your overall health

Incorporating Surya Namaskar into your daily routine can make a positive difference in your life. When done well, it provides complete body warmth and mental awareness. This procedure involves deep breathing while performing 12 asanas which are beneficial to human health.

2. Improves Digestion

It also improves the human digestive system through further stretching and compression of the digestive organs. People suffering from constipation and dyspepsia, or constipation should practice Surya Namaskar every morning on an empty stomach. Getting used to these yoga poses can also improve your digestion.

3. Gives you rock-hard abs

Your abdominal muscles are strengthened when the asanas are done regularly which means your core muscles including your abs get excellent performance.

4. Helps you detox

Thanks to the active breathing and ventilation system, the lungs are well ventilated, and the blood is constantly saturated with oxygen. This also helps to remove toxins from the human body by removing carbon dioxide and other toxic gases.

5. Keeps anxiety at bay

It helps to improve your memory and nervous system and helps you to calm down and eliminate anxiety. It strengthens the function of the endocrine glands, especially the thyroid gland.

6. Improves flexibility

Asanas made from Surya Namaskar work on your whole body, making you flexible and fast.

7. Promotes regular menstrual cycle

If you have an irregular menstrual cycle, then this activity will help you to suppress the irregularities. Regular exercise can also help with childbirth.
8. Strengthens the arms, strengthens the spine
If you want soft arms and a wide chest, it means Surya Namaskar is for you. It also strengthens your spine and your waist. The sequence gives you a great way to stretch and strengthen your muscles, joints, ligament, and skeletal system. Movement can also help improve your spinal flexibility.

9. Keeps you youthful

Incorporating it into your routine will keep you young and healthy even in old age. It improves your blood circulation and helps restore light to your face; prevents the onset of wrinkles and makes your skin look younger and radiant.

10. Helps in Weight Loss

It will help you lose weight faster, much faster than eating. When done at a fast pace, Surya Namaskar can give you the best cardiovascular exercise and help you lose weight. Standing will help to stretch your abdominal muscles while helping you to shed pounds around your abdomen.

So, start your day with Surya Namaskar and see the difference in your physical and mental condition in a short time.