4 Facts You Should Know About Smart SIM Driver’s License


The Smart SIM (Surat Izin Mengemudi) or Smart Driver’s License is something completely new and revolutionary by the Indonesian government. A first of its kind, the Smart SIM will have a new appearance and have additional features to it. So it’s no longer just a driver’s license but has various other use cases too.

Ability to be used for transactions

Rather than just have driver’s license, the Smart SIM contains a chip. Within this chip, card holders can store and use maximum of Rp 2,000,000. By storing money on this card, ticketing will be an easier process. Police will not longer have to hold the driver’s license for the driver to pay the fine but instead everything will be paid using the driver’s license.

Currently the money can only make transactions to a number of banks, but in the future it will have the same functionality as a debit card or credit card. Some of its uses mentioned include online shopping, toll roads and basically everything that an electronic card can be of use.

Time of Launching

Currently for the initial stage, the Smart SIM was introduced on August 22 in Bekasi. It will be going through a testing period, before it will officially be launched to the public by September 22, 2019, right on the 64th birthday of Bhayangkara Traffic.

Stores Personal Contact Numbers

The National Police will also insert chips for important data and track records of violations committed by Smart SIM owners. Various data will be embedded into the chip, from the phone number of the SIM holder to their emergency contact numbers.

Stores Traffic Violations

As been said above, the chip is meant to store important data such as contact numbers and a payment instrument. But that is not all, for its saves another important data. The Smart SIM is being given the function to save the historical data of traffic violations.

Whether the SIM holder ever had minor violations, heavy violations or traffic accidents-everything is recorded onto the SIM. By doing this, police officials can do a better evaluation of the driver’s behavior.