5 Signature Street Food From Bandung

5 Signature Street Food From Bandung

Bandung not only has interesting tourist attractions, but it is also studded with various culinary specialties of the archipelago. Many types of delicious and unique street food are available at affordable prices in the capital city of West Java. Well, if you go to Bandung, don’t forget to taste the street food of this city.

Here are the street food you must try:


Karedok is one of Bandung’s specialties or other Sundanese specialties. At first glance, it’s similar to other foods (gado-gado) but is actually different and very distinctive. Karedok itself is made from various raw ingredients, including cucumber bean sprouts, cabbage, long beans, basil leaves, and others, then served with peanut sauce containing kencur (aromatic ginger) and shrimp paste.

Because of the raw vegetables and different peanut sauces, it makes karedok taste fresher than other processed vegetables with peanut sauces (for example gado-gado and pecel), and also makes it very unique.

Nasi Tutug Oncom

Oncom (fermented soybeans) and rice are close friends that cannot be separated from Bandung culinary. That’s why Nasi Tutug Oncom must also get a place on this list, because it is also a signature of Bandung culinary. The dish mainly consists of hot rice combined with oncom, then served with various side dishes and of course sambal.

Pisang Bolen

Pisang Bolen is a dish that is included as one of the mandatory souvenirs when on vacation to Bandung, as there is no doubt that this dish is a sign that you have been to there. It is a cuboid pastry filled with bananas then baked. In addition to the original taste, pisang bolen also has a variety of flavors such as chocolate and cheese flavors.


Bandros is a traditional cake made from rice flour, grated coconut and coconut milk. This specialty food is very similar to the kue pancong which is a traditional Betawi cake – some even say that there is no difference in ingredients between the two.

Even so, enjoying Bandros in the park while enjoying an afternoon in Bandung is definitely an experience that you can’t get in other cities. The taste of coconut in the softness of bandros is second to none.

Surabi Oncom

Among the various topping choices of Surabi, there is nothing that screams ‘from Bandung’ more than Surabi Oncom. This Bandung street food is really delicious, although it may seem odd at first. Forget surabi with milk, cheese, or chocolate topping. Surabi oncom is the ultimate version of Surabi, with its savory and spicy taste.

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