5 Ways to Manage Dry and Frizzy Hair

5 Ways to Manage Dry and Frizzy Hair

Do you have a problem with very dry hair that feels tangled all the time? This is problematic for anyone experiencing it, as your hair becomes difficult to manage and hurts when you comb it. Dry and frizzy hair itself is caused by various factors, such as exposure to the sun’s heat, frequent use of styling tools, frequent hair coloring and lack of fluid and nutrient intake in the body. But that does not mean all is hopeless, as there are many ways to fix this.

Here are ways to restore your dry and frizzy hair:

Choose a shampoo with moisturizing content

Frizzy hair is caused by each strand of hair not being lubricated because it is too dry. That’s why, when strands of hair rub against each other it will get caught and cause tangles. Therefore, it is very important to choose a shampoo that has a moisturizing content in it. Moisturizer content that is usually needed by hair is keratin and natural oil.

To avoid hair getting dry, don’t wash it too often so that there are still natural oils in the hair. Just 2-3x a week is enough! Also, avoid washing your hair with hot water because it can make dry hair worse.

Use conditioner

The detergent content in shampoo is indeed effective in cleaning oil and dirt on the scalp. But it turns out that the content can also clean the natural oils in each strand of hair so that it becomes dry and easily tangles. To give dry hair the extra moisture it needs, you can use a conditioner. Conditioners are usually formulated with silicone and natural oils that can strengthen the hair cuticle, moisturize and smooth each strand of hair.

Apply hair vitamins regularly

To provide intensive moisture and nutrition, make sure to regularly use hair vitamins. With a variety of good contents in hair vitamins, it can make hair cuticles stronger so that hair moisture can be locked tightly. As a result, the problem of dry hair and tangles will be reduced. Other benefits provided by hair vitamins are that it can provide protection from damage, add shine to hair, prevent hair loss, and smoothen it. Hair vitamins are usually formulated with various beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E, mineral oil, keratin, and so on.

Reduce the use of styling tools

As mentioned above, the use of styling tools has the potential to cause dry and damaged hair. So that it doesn’t get worse, it’s better to reduce the use of styling tools first, such as straighteners, curly irons, hair dryers and so on. Even if you have to use it, set it at a temperature that is not too hot!

Cut the ends of the hair regularly

Usually dry hair is also followed by split ends. As a result, the split ends will intertwine and cause hair to tangle when combed. To reduce this problem, you can cut the ends of your hair regularly every 2-3 months.

Have you tried any of these methods on your hair? Tell us your experience in the comment section below!