6 Benefits Of Using A Jade Roller

6 Benefits Of Using A Jade Roller

Jade rollers are experiencing heightened fame, especially due to aesthetically-taken pictures on Instagram. Many are turning to this magical tool in order to transform their skin from problems such as puffiness, dull skin and many more. By using a jade roller, it can eliminate these problems and give you healthy, glowing skin.

Here are a few benefits of the jade roller on the skin:

Promote blood circulation

In general, a jade roller is a facial massager in which its main function is to increase blood circulation so that the skin feels healthier. Smooth blood circulation will also lead to more oxygen intake in the skin so that the skin looks brighter and more radiant. Not only that, by using a jade roller, facial muscles that feel stiff will also feel more relaxed.

Creates maximum skincare absorption

Jade rollers are usually used after applying a serum or face cream. This is useful so that the benefits of these skincare products can seep deeper into the layers of the skin so they can work more optimally. If you combine skincare with a jade roller, visible improvements of the skin will appear quicker.

Neck: Start from the neck in an upwards motion. Use the large oval side and roll up and down the neck, from one side to the other with medium pressure, to kick-start the lymphatic system.

Jawline: Still using the large oval side, move to the mandibular bone (jawline), and start at the center of your chin. Work from the middle of the chin across towards your earlobe, and do five to six passes on each area as you work up the face. Repeat on the other side.

Forehead: Next, move to the forehead, this time using the larger oval side. Start at the center. Work from the center across towards your outer temples, doing five to seven passes, and repeat on the other side. Then, cross by starting at the brows, and move upwards towards the hairline. Move it across the forehead.

Eyes: Using the smaller end with medium pressure, gently roll from the inner corner towards the outer corner, up towards the brow bone. Make sure to get the undereye area and crowโ€™s feet. Roll back and forth, about 10 times. Repeat on the other side.

Tightens skin

Every woman would not want her skin to sag and experience premature aging. To prevent this from happening, try regularly massaging your face using a jade roller. To make the skin firmer, massage the face from the bottom up for several times. With this facial massage, blood circulation in the skin will become smoother so that more collagen production. As a result, collagen produced will making the face firm, elastic and look younger.


Who would have thought that the jade roller has the benefit of getting rid of toxins in the body? It turns out that a light massage given by a jade roller can stimulate the lymph glands to filter the remaining fluid in the body more optimally. As a result, the skin and body will feel healthier. In addition, the use of a jade roller is also believed to improve our mood because the body becomes more relaxed.

Reduces puffiness

Puffiness is also one of the skin conditions that can be solved by jade rollers. This is because jade rollers are really beneficial when it comes to lymphatic drainage, reducing water retention and puffiness. As a result, your skin will be detoxified, circulation improved in the targeted area which gives your face a nice, healthy and lifted appearance. But in order for it to have its effect, the routine must be done consistently. Place the roller towards the center of your face and roll outwards. Apply moderate pressure, neither too light nor too deep.

Soothes Skin

Calming and soothing the skin is also something that a jade roller can do. This is because jade rollers have naturally cooling properties and a really smooth, even surface that makes it glide on your skin and feels extremely pleasant. Sure, you can use bare fingers. But that would mean tugging and pulling at the skin, which could lead to loss of elasticity and premature development of signs of ageing. Meanwhile, using a jade roller reduces skin irritation along with soothing and calming your skin due to its cooling sensation. Use the smaller end of the jade roller in areas like under eyes and around the mouth, as the skin there is thinner, to delay and reduce early signs of ageing like smile lines, crowโ€™s feet and fine lines.

Additional notes:

Like many other skincare trends, a jade roller may not be for everyone. We recommend avoiding the jade roller if you are having any types of skin rashes or cold sores, and also acneic skin should avoid it, since the jade roller can spread bacteria around. Otherwise, you can sanitize your roller with mild soap in between uses reduce the spread of bacteria around your face.