7 Most Popular Indonesian Traditional Breakfast Menu


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the body and brain with “fuel” after an overnight fast. Breakfast can range from light menu like oats or loafs, to “heavier” ones like fried rice.

In Indonesia, people from different regions have different favorite breakfast menu. Most of the Indonesian traditional breakfast is based on rice, with various condiments and other dishes. Although with modernization people tend to have ‘instant’ breakfast menu, there are still many people who love their traditional breakfast menu.

Bubur Ayam

A Bubur Ayam (chicken rice congee) with chicken liver and gizzard satay, sold by travelling vendor cart that frequenting kampung or residential area every morning in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bubur Ayam is one of the most favorite Indonesian breakfast menus. It is like everybody’s favorite breakfast menu. Bubur Ayam is rice congee topped with shredded chicken, eggs, cakwe (youtiao, or Chinese cruller), soybeans, and shrimp crackers. Bubur Ayam is also cheap and easy to be found in the morning. You can find Bubur Ayam hawkers on the roadside, or peddling near your house complex.

Nasi Uduk

nasi uduk

Nasi Uduk is a traditional Betawi dish. The main component of Nasi Uduk is white rice cooked in coconut mlk and other herbs such as nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass and bay leaves. The rice is then served along with fried tofu, fried egg, orek tempe (tempe sautéed in soy sauce), and topped with fried shallots. Usually it is also served with Sambal Kacang and slices of cucumber. In Jakarta, you can find Nasi Uduk hawkers on the roadside or food stalls.

Nasi Pecel

Di kota-kota besar selain kota kediri banyak sekali yang menjual nasi pecel dan tumpang kediri, tapi meskipun demikian tidak semua nasi pecel yang di jual enak rasanya. Di daerah Surabaya khususnya, banyak sekali terdapat penjual nasi pecel dan tumpang kediri. Di sepanjang jalan terdapat penjual pecel dengan tambahan menu lauk yang bervariasi, mulai dari telur ceplok, dadar jagung, tempe goreng, tahu goreng, daging, telur puyuh, paruh dan empal. Peyeknya pun bermacam-macam dari peyek udang, peyek kacang, peyek ebi, peyek kedelai dan lain-lain. Rasa nasi pecel pun jadi tambah nikmat jika di tambah dengan lauk di atas.


Nasi Pecel is a traditional foods from East Java. It is the combination of hot steamed rice, boiled vegetables, and Sambel Pecel. It is considered as a healthy breakfast menu as it uses less fried food. Usually Nasi Pecel is sold in food stalls or food peddlers in the morning. Moreover, Nasi Pecel is not only perfect for breakfast; it is also nice for lunch or dinner!

Nasi Kuning

nasi kuning

Nasi Kuning is one of the most popular Indonesian dishes. Nasi Kuning is usually a compulsory component of tumpeng (cone of yellow rice with various dishes and condiments). Different provinces and regions in Indonesia have its own specialty Nasi Kuning. For Example, in Manado, Nasi Kuning is served with cakalang suwir (spicy shredded tuna) and eggs. In Kalimantan, Nasi Kuning is served with bumbu habang (eggs/chicken/fish/beef in red sauce made from dried chilies). In Java, Nasi Kuning is usually served along with fried chicken, orek tempe (tempe sautéed in soy sauce), and fried noodles. Whatever the condiments are, Nasi Kuning still tastes delicious because of the spice added when it’s cooked.

Lontong Sayur

lontong sayur

Like Nasi Uduk, Lontong Sayur is also one of the traditional Betawi dishes. It consists of lontong (rice cakes) and vegetables in thick, spicy coconut milk gravy. Usually fried shallots, fried soybeans, and crackers are sprinkled on top of the dish. Red Sambal is usually added to enhance the heat. It is very easy to find Lontong Sayur around Jakarta. Usually, food stalls that sell Nasi Uduk also sell Lontong Sayur.

Nasi Kucing

nasi kucing

Literally translated, Nasi Kucing means “cat rice” or rice served with cat meat. No! It is not as scary as it sounds. Nasi Kucing is not a certain menu, but the way the dish is served. It is named Nasi Kucing because the portion is so small like cat’s food. Nasi Kucing is just steamed rice, served along with various side dishes such as orek tempe, fried anchovies, bandeng (fried milkfish), and other condiments. Because the portion is small yet it’s so delicious, one portion is not enough. Nasi Kucing is a common breakfast menu in Yogyakarta and other Java area.

Katupat Kandangan

ketupat kandangan

This dish is one of the most favorite breakfast menus for Banjar (South Kalimantan) people. At a glance, it may look like Lontong Sayur. But, Ketupat Kandangan uses Ketupat, ikan gabus (snake-head freshwater fish) or duck eggs that is cooked in thick coconut milk. People usually eat this dish without spoon and fork— with bare hands! It is said that it is the most delicious way to enjoy Ketupat Kandangan.

Have you tried any of these? If you have not, this might be your guide to find alternative breakfast menu for tomorrow morning!

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