7 Useful Tips to Beginning Tai Chi


Tai Chi is an ancient martial arts form, in which its roots are deeply rooted in ancient China. These days, Tai Chi is considered to be a softer form of exercise which helps in the integration of mind and body. The slow, deliberate movements in Tai Chi are meant to control and release blockages of Qi in our body.

Here are some tips to beginners who are interested to beginning Tai Chi:

Practice is paramount
In order to develop your skills in tai chi, there needs to be a lot of process. This is because development of tai chi progresses from deliberate movements towards more subtle movements. For that reason, consistent practice is important for steady progress.

Practice with a friend

If you are one to feel embarrassed practicing tai chi alone at a park, then we recommend asking a friend to come with you. Practicing with your friend can also help you discipline your practice and feel less self-conscious when practicing!

Practice through daily chores

The next step of practicing is not only outdoors but can also be done indoors, withing the comfort of your own home. In fact, it can be done while doing your household chores! One example would be to practice flowing by shifting our weight with the movements at the ironing board. Move your body with fuller awareness of your body, breathing and intention.

Know where you are

In total, there are seven stages in learning Tai Chi. Knowing in which stage your abilities are will help you overcome obstacles and personal setbacks. This will also help you reap more benefits that tai chi has to offer from disciplined practice.

Choose the right teacher
Since tai chi is an artform that needs discipline to practice, you will also need the right teacher. Choosing the right teacher will go a long way, as the skill of your teacher and their ability to impart their knowledge will directly affect the progress of your tai chi skill and safety.

Feel the earth under your feet

Since tai chi is also the art of feeling your surroundings, try to wear thinner, softer-soled shoes. You will be able to feel the earth under your feet and draw more energy from your surroundings.

Choose the best tai chi style to achieve your goals

Tai chi beginners will also have to set their goals and intentions when learning tai chi. The reason is because each tai chi style has different benefits for the practitioner. For instance, Wu style tai chi is generally associated with meditation.

Have you practiced any of the above tips? Share us your experience the comments section below!