8 Things to Do Before Sleep to Make You Happier & More Productive


Did you ever realize that the things you do before you go to bed is as important as the sleeping itself?

Things you do before you go to sleep are also responsible for your happiness. You may have your own ‘ritual’ before sleep such as checking your social media accounts, binge watching your favorite TV series, or just working till you are too worn out. But, these may not be the best things to do.

Here are some activities to try before you go to sleep, which can make you happier each and every day. Try these out one at a time and tell us which one really worked for you?

Meditating regularly will improve your brain activity, fight stress and depression, lower the risk of heart attack, etc. Just 10 minutes of meditation before sleeping will clear your mind, get ready you to rest and embrace your new day with a happier feelings and a more positive frame of mind.


I am not talking about reading your news feed on your phone or tweets. I am talking about reading real books. Happy people read books, stories, or articles that inspire them before sleep. Reading a great, inspiring book allows your imagination to create positive pictures and thus motivates you to live in a positive way. ‘Feed’ your mind with a good read before you sleep to wake up with spirit raring to accomplish your goals on the next day.

Not knowing what you’ll do next day can make you frustrated. Don’t make your to-do-list in the morning—do it before you sleep. Do this and you will wake up with determination and a clear picture of how and what to do.

Bonding with family
Quality time with family is happiness. This could be a simple pillow talk with your partner, or reading a bedtime story to your kids. Setting aside time with your beloved ones shows that you care. Knowing their stories and thoughts will also strengthen your relationship with them and eventually make you happier.

Be grateful
Happy people are always grateful for the things they have and people they know. Close your eyes and think about the things that you are grateful for this day. Think about the things you’ve accomplished that day and what you’ve learned from them. Gratitude is a form of positive emotion that motivates you. Fall asleep with good thoughts and you will wake up with the same feeling the next day.

You must have your own way to relax. It might be sipping a nice cup of tea, taking a long bath, listening to relaxing music, or just simply doing your hobby. Think of what makes you calm and relaxed, and do it before you go to sleep.

Eat or drink healthy products
Of course it is better to not to eat at all just before sleep, but there are some foods that will help you to feel more relaxed before go to sleep. You can eat banana as it contains serotonin that helps you to relax. Or you can drink a glass of warm milk (I personally recommend chocolate milk) to calm you down and make you sleepy.

Cutting off technology
Admit it, few minutes before closing your eyes and sail off to dreamland, you reach out for your gadgets—either checking emails, Whatsapp messages or watch the latest news on TV. The LED screen of your gadget radiates the blue light that can reduce the production of melatonin and trigger insomnia. So stay off your devices before bedtime.

Fauziah Listyo AyunaniCompiled by Fauziah Listyo Ayunani