8 Ways to Make your Hair Color Last Longer


It’s your time for a hair color change, so you go to your favorite salon and choose that new vibrant color. Your fresh-colored hair boosts your confidence and adds to your look’s wow factor. The color might be vivid, the hair texture might be glossy; but in a few days, the color usually faded away. So, the real question is: how do you keep the color last longer?

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Don’t head straight to shower

Many experts recommend waiting at least 24 hours before shampooing, as this allows the dye to settle into the hair. Even if you feel like your hair needs to be washed right after salon, you can simply rinsing your hair with cool water and scrubbing the scalp with fingertips. A nice scrub will still cleanse the hair and scalp without pulling color.

Sun protection

If most of your daily activities are spent outdoor, it’s important to shield your locks from harmful UV rays. Look for conditioning creams with built-in UV protection. You can also protect your hair with baseball cap while you’re out and about.

Use apple cider vinegar

Once a month, mix one part apple cider vinegar with three parts water, and use the mixture to rinse your strands after your regular shampoo and conditioner routine. The rinse will freshen highlights and boost shine by removing the dulling mineral buildup that’s accumulated on the hair shaft.

Skip hot water

As good as hot shower would feel after a rough day, it’s not worth ruining your hair color. Hot water opens the cuticle of your hair and washes away the dye. Experts recommend using water at cooler temperatures when washing dyed hair as it will help prolong the brilliance of the color.

Minimize shampoo

Even if you’re not dying your hair, too much shampooing is not good. Shampoo is especially damaging for color-treated hair. Instead of washing your hair every day, it is good to invest in dry shampoo. A quick-spritz on shampoo-free days will sop up excess grease and give you more volume while preserving color longer. If you can’t live without regular shampoo, make sure the product has color-protecting agents.

Get a touch-up between appointments

It’s possible to extend your color for a few weeks without getting a full-on color treatment. You can ask for a few highlights that frame your face or for your colorist to lighten the roots at your hairline by one to two shades.

Don’t overuse hair styling tools

Staying away from your hot hair styling tools the first week after coloring your hair will also help prevent the color from fading. Heat actually speeds up the process of color fading. While these tools might be necessary to dry or style your locks, keep them away from your dresser up to a week after you color your hair.

Don’t get your hair colored too often

After the first hair coloring, it is good to wait at least six weeks before coming again for a highlight refresh. That way, there’s a lesser chance of breakage from overlapping. Lesser breakage means healthier-looking hair when it does come time to touch it up.