9 Gym Equipment You Need at Home

9 Gym Equipment You Need at Home

During this pandemic, fitness is a priority but gyms maybe closed. However, there are other ways of staying fit and healthy within your home. It can be as simple as exercising using simple gym equipment to use at home.

Here are the 9 gym equipment you need to have at home for an effective exercise regime:

  1. Jumping Rope

Although simple, jumping rope can improve the condition of the heart and lung, help burn body fat, and train leg muscle strength. To do this, you also don’t have to bother going out of the house. Just provide a skipping rope and you can jump rope in your yard.

  1. Yoga Mat

The yoga mat is meant to keep your mind focused while you are doing yoga movements and protects the body from impact when you fall. So, if you like to do yoga, you should have this tool at home.

  1. Gym Ball

A gym ball or fitness ball is a sporting tool that many women like. This is because gym balls can make the body slim, tone their stomachs, trains body balance, trains leg muscles, and refreshes your body and mind after you exercise. Despite its cute shape, this tool can withstand up to 120 kilograms of weight.

  1. Dumb Bell

Dumb bells are a mini version of the weights in the gym (barbell). This tool is used to train the main muscles of the body and help stabilize exercise moves. Its small size and varying weights (ranging from 0.5-10 kilograms) also make this tool versatile. It can be used for various types of training and can be easily adjusted according to needs such as to strengthen the body muscles (for example shoulders, chest, and legs), maintain body resistance to training the biceps and triceps.

  1. Resistance Band

Resistance band is a piece of elastic rubber that is used to train muscle strength and endurance. It’s quite easy to use this tool. All you need to do is pull the two ends in opposite directions or step on one end to then pull the other end up as high as possible.

  1. Foam Roller

Foam rollers are therapeutic tools in the form of foam rolls that are used to maintain optimal physical health. You can use this tool before and after exercising. If used before exercising, this tool can help you prevent injury. Meanwhile, if used after exercise, this tool can help relax stiff and tight muscles after strenuous exercise.

  1. Static Bike

Cycling is a sport activity by pedaling. It can strengthen legs, improve health and burn calories. Now, this exercise can be done at home, namely on a stationary bicycle. This tool has many benefits, from reducing stress levels and improving mood, to reducing risks of dangerous diseases such as heart diseases and various types of cancer.

  1. Treadmill

Jogging is also another exercise that can be easily done at home. Even though jogging is synonymous with running, you don’t need to go around the house. Simply running on the spot using a treadmill while watching television is also possible. Do this activity for at least 10 minutes every day, as this sports activity can be done with more fun.

  1. Punching Bag

A punching bag can be a tool for exercising at home, which besides making us sweat, it can also be an emotional “outlet”. With this, you can let off steam without hurting anyone. You can also use the punching bag as a self-defense exercise which is very important if one day we are in a dangerous situation which threatens our lives.

Which fitness item are you planning to buy? Which fitness equipment do you already have at home? Tell us your opinion in the comments below!