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Diwali Message from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Diwali Message from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL LAMP TO SPREAD THE LIGHT OF JOY AND KNOWLEDGE. Wish you all a peaceful Deepavali. Acknowledge...
Blogging workshop with Akshata at Indoindians office on 1st Nov 2017

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 A workshop for beginners – why blog, how to setup and to grow. Do you want to talk about things you learn or your art?...
Listening Music while Running: Yay or Nay?

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It is very common to see people running (on treadmills or jogging tracks) with their earphones on. They put their MP3 player or cell...
#IndoindiansProfile: Raakhee Punjabi

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Raakhee Punjabi was born in Malang, East Java, Indonesia to Sindhi parents of Indian descent Ramchand Detaram Harjani and Gopi Ramchand Harjani on 8...

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Since a few days ago, the news about Indian Supreme Court bans Diwali fireworks in Delhi to tackle pollution has been around in the...
Top 6 Natural Antiviral Herbs

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Did you know that there are hundreds of viruses that are responsible for many types of infections, including flu, hepatitis, cold, and HIV? A virus...

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coke cake

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Did you know that you can use coca cola for baking? Here is recipe for not only a yummy, super moist cake but also...
Chai Tea Latte

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Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking time: 2 mins Serves: 1  Ingredients: 1 bag of chai tea 1 cup of milk 1 tbsp sugar/honey Cinnamon for topping  Method: Heat the milk in a microwave...
IEF 2016 - Driving Innovation Reshaping Indonesian Economy

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Dear IndoIndians  Members, We are pleased to announce IndoIndians Partnership with the Indonesia Economic Forum. The Indonesia Economic Forum (IEF)  welcomes IndoIndians members to attend the plenary session on...
Gandhi Seva Loka

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Gandhi Seva Loka (formely known as Bombay Merchant Association) was founded in 1947 by the elders of Sindhi community with the primary aim of...

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Did you ever realize that the things you do before you go to bed is as important as the sleeping itself? Things you do before...

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Dos : Begin reading to children as soon as possible. The younger you start them, the easier and better it is. During repeat readings of a...


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