Artist Spotlight: Vaishali Deepak

Artist Spotlight Vaishali Deepak
Artist Spotlight Vaishali Deepak

Each person has a story to tell. An author uses words to create a story while an artist uses colours and brush strokes to create one. Interwoven with a multitude of characters and events, each story is uniquely compelling. Vaishali Deepak believes that each of her paintings has a story too- a story that she is immensely proud to share. But sometimes that makes her wonder- โ€˜Am I an artist or am I a storyteller?โ€™ ๐Ÿ˜Š

Vaishali Deepak is a self- confessed โ€˜accidental artistโ€™. She credits her foray into painting to an โ€˜empty wallโ€™ in her living room. This happened almost half a decade ago when she shifted to a new apartment and started scouring local shops and malls for a painting to adorn one of the massive walls in her apartment. Unable to find what she was looking for, she decided to visit the local art supplies store and get creative on her own. Little did she realise that this impromptu trip to the art shop will open a whole new realm for her. Excited by the wide array ofย  paints and colors available, she bought a few canvas and let her inner artist take over. Since then, her love affair with canvas has continued and added multifarious colors to her life. Her medium of expression is mainly acrylics and her style is modern contemporary. She believes that art is the poetry of your soul and if you have your colors and brushes with you, all you need is to paint your paradise and walk right into it.

Favorite Quote: The โ€˜earthโ€™ without art is just โ€˜ehโ€™! J

Favorite Book: The Girl with Seven names by Hyeonseo Lee

Favorite Movie: The Platform

Instagram: artstories_by_vish

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