Essential Items to Travel With During the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has made most people in the world stay indoors, resorting to cutting themselves off from society. But that can only go for so long, and there are times where some have to go on trips whether it is for work or pleasure. Thankfully, people are still able to move around using various types of transportation. All you will need to do is become more cautious of the coronavirus by bringing some necessary items.

Here are the necessary items to travel with during the pandemic:

  1. Breathable Face Masks

Masks are definitely a very important item for you to prepare to use when traveling. Moreover, the government really urges the public to always use masks when they are outside the home, especially in public places such as tourist attractions which are definitely crowded. You can bring more than 2 masks so you can change and use masks longer. Even though things are getting better during the new normal, we still have to be careful.

2. Hand Sanitizers

Not only masks, the government have also urged people to bring hand sanitizers when traveling. This is in case there is no water and soap for washing hands or no hand sanitizers in public places. You also have to always use a hand sanitizer after touching public objects because usually many people touch it and can become a nesting place for germs. You don’t need to bring a large one, you can bring a hand sanitizer which is usually packaged in smaller packages so it’s easy to carry around. Usually there are also those who sell hand sanitizers with pocket holders or hangers so that they are easy to hang in the bag and not easily lost.

3. Antiseptic Wet Wipes

Apart from bringing hand sanitizer, there is nothing wrong with bringing antiseptic wet wipes which can be used to clean objects that are frequently touched by hands such as chairs, door holders, cellphones and many more. These wet wipes are able to remove bacteria from objects that you would touch frequently, so bringing along antiseptic wipes is also important if you want to travel during the pandemic and the new normal.

4. Disposable Gloves

When you want to travel in the midst of a pandemic, maintaining health and being cautious is important. To avoid coming into direct contact with many objects that might be a place for germs and bacteria to nest, you can prepare some disposable gloves. Choose gloves that can last longer to protect the surface of the hands and avoid germs.

5. Tumbler or Water Bottle

Surely you are wondering why you have to prepare a tumbler or drinking bottle when you want to travel in the midst of a pandemic. But bringing your own tumbler or drinking bottle is no less important than the other tips, because you will be more guaranteed cleanliness if you bring your own drink bottle. Especially during this pandemic, you shouldn’t touch many things that we don’t know who touched it. So you have to prepare your own tumbler to reduce touching a lot of objects.

6. Powerbankย 

When traveling, either in normal circumstances or during a pandemic, a power bank is an important item to carry. This item is important, so that you don’t run out of cellphone battery during the holidays. Sometimes there are several places that provide free chargers, but if you think about it, there will definitely be many people who use it. So you better bring your own charger or power bank.

7. Touch Free Items

Another thing that you have to prepare is touch free items. These small objects can help you avoid direct contact with many objects such as elevator buttons, door handles and many more. You can also easily get this item on the market because many have sold it.

8. Clothes and Shoes That You Really Need

Packing is also something that you need to pay attention to during your travels. The key is to avoid over packing and only bring the items that are necessary for your trip. If you do decide to bring more, be aware that bringing extra stuff that you wonโ€™t probably use will only make the trip harder for you.

What else do you think youโ€™d like to carry during your trip? Tell us in the comments section below!