#EventReport: Ayurveda Practices to Boost Immunity with Dr Shilpa Dhoka

A month of Ayurveda with Shilpa Dhoka
Ayurvedacharya Dr Shilpa Dhoka

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old medicine practice from India is centered around disease prevention and a holistic approach to caring for the body. These practices or Kriyas are ancient Ayurveda techniques which help cleanse the body. They can improve energy levels, improve digestion, reduce common ailments and illnesses, and bring about better bodily awareness, to name a few benefits.

For this online health session, these are the Kriyas that were mentioned by Dr. Shilpa Dhoka:

  1. Neti– Sutra neti and Jala neti (nasal rinse)
    ‘Neti’ simply means the practice of cleansing the nasal passages with salted lukewarm water. Neti helps to relieve sinus problems, improve eyesight and counters environmental pollutants. There is also specific timing to which we can practice it, ideally before breakfast, after brushing your teeth or else after dinner.
  2. Nasya
    The nose is the gateway into the head, the sinuses, and deeper into the lungs. The most common Nasya treatment includes the application of Ghee. This process allows for a smooth flow of oxygen and prana, eliminating any stagnation or blockages causing symptoms or discomfort. Other than that, it also helps up with the detoxification and nourishing of the brain.
  3. Gundusha (oil pulling)
    Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice of Yogis, Sages for detox, healing, and rejuvenation of body. Now, it is considered a very simple, and safe healing therapy by itself. All you need to do is swish oil or water with turmeric in the mouth slowly for 10-15 minutes (starting from 5 minutes first). There are a variety of oil that you can use, although the recommended is coconut oil.
  4. Netra tarpan (eye rinse)
    Eye cleansing process cleanses the eyes by removing external dust particle, body heat and secretions of the eyes that come in the way of normal movement of the eye lids that irritate the eyes by using oil, cold water or cold rose water. This process helps in having clear vision, reduces itching, eye strain and burning eyes.

The event was an overwhelming success, for there were more than 40 people attending the online event, with numerous questions being asked and testimonies from people who have tried the Ayurveda technique.

About Shilpa Dhoka

A month of Ayurveda with Shilpa Dhoka
Ayurvedacharya Dr Shilpa Dhoka

Dr. Dhoka, consults globally and is trained in Ayurvedacharya and holistic wellness. She is certified and trained in rich traditions of Indian Ayurveda practices from the prestigious University of Mumbai, India.

She has successfully combined her training in Ayurveda with alternate healing practices for painless and healthier life. She treats a wide array of ailments which affects every day peaceful living given modern day life challenges of pollution, stress and increasing presence of harmful chemicals in the food chain. Ranging from common cold and flu, tonsillitis, acidity she also treats Allergy, Asthma, Digestive Disorders, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Skin disorders like Psorisis and Eczema, Type II diabetes, Menstrual disorders, PMS, Menopausal issues and Body detox amongst others.