#EventReport: Skin Health & Beauty with Geeta Seth

#EventReport Skin Health & Beauty with Geeta Seth

Geeta Seth was the main speaker at Indoindians Online Event on Skin Health, where she discussed the body’s largest organ, the skin, a woman’s best friend.

Geeta shared information on free radicals – particles that are known to damage healthy cells in our body. These unstable molecules are missing an electron and seek to steal an electron from stable molecules in order to stabilize themselves. Unfortunately, that means the molecules that are “robbed” of an electron then become unstable! This causes a chain reaction, known as a free radical cascade, that creates additional free radicals in our bodies.

Applying antioxidants onto the skin can help boost your body’s antioxidant-generating capacity, or directly help to neutralize free radicals. When applied topically, antioxidants can help to slow down the processes which break down the proteins in the skin, such as collagen fibers.

If your skin shines, so does your internal health. Beauty is skin deep. And to look after it we need to see what are we ingesting and how we maintain ourselves:

  • nutrition with correct balance of vitamins, minerals, macro and micro nutrients
  • sleep
  • exercise
  • hydration

A mega dose of advice by nutritionist Geeta Seth on how to protect and nurture your skin to look your best.

She also shared recipes for:

About Geeta Seth

Geeta Seth is a qualified nutritionist and dietitian for the past 15 years. A two times gold medalist in the field of nutrition. She is also a qualified diabetes educator and diabetes pump trainer, specializing in the field of diabetes. She claims to have a normal blood glucose in diabetics with the right diet to avoid diabetes complications further. Also with the right carbohydrate counting for type 1 diabetics according to their dose she gives the accurate diet to achieve normal glucose in the blood. Geeta has worked for various health institutes and hospitals and till date she does not have a single failure in terms of patients.  As a speaker she has given nutritional services to various corporate institutes and schools.