#HowTo Make Your Bedroom Neat and Tidy

Make Your Bedroom Neat and Tidy

Bedrooms follow the rules of entropy and quickly dissolve into a disorderly mess. No room can look good with stuff all over the floor, and living in a disheveled space is unpleasant. Giving your bedroom order will relieve everyday stress you must feel fighting the messy floor. Here is a simple plan that works:

  • Make your closet work for you. You need to make room for the clothes that are currently being stored on your floor. Give things away that you will never wear again. Group items in your closet by color, season, style, or whatever makes sense for you. Declutter with these tips today>>
  • Buy lots of clothes hangers. We like the stiff, clear plastic ones that slide easily. If you have to hunt for a hanger, you probably wonโ€™t hang, you will toss things on the floor.
  • Assess your storage needs. Do you need more drawer space? Hanging space? Make it happen. Use the space under your bed for storing out of season clothes. Put items in clear storage bins so you can easily see whatโ€™s there. Hang frequently used items like your bathrobe and pajamas on attractive hooks.
  • Every night before you go to bed, put on your favorite cd and tidy up your space during the time you are singing and dancing to the beat. Youโ€™ll be amazed at what three minutes of enthusiastic and happy tidying will do for your room.
  • Have a handy dustbin in your bedroom to hold all the rubbish that is generated.
  • Bedroom according to Vaastu

A clean and tidy bed can do wonders for your bedroom in just 5 minutes. Always start with the bed.

Do share your bedroom tips and tricks in the comments below.

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