#IndoIndians Coffee Morning Report: The Power of Words on Body, Mind and Wealth

Indoindians Coffee Morning with Meelu

IndoIndians Coffee Morning: The Power of Words on Body, Mind and Wealth on Friday, 10th Aug 2018 was at Simpruk Teras Apartment. The speaker was Meelu G. Wadhwani, a meditation teacher and NLP practitioner.

Visitors who came early had to chance to communicate and talk to Meelu before her presentation. She started a meditation session to calm and revitalize those attending the workshop.

Topics during the workshop were on BMW – Body, Mind and Wealth. With her wit and humor, she charmed the audience with her speech on the placebo effect, her method to resilience and her perspective on success and wealth. The mind is a wonderful thing where body and even wealth could be achieved, all through having a positive frame of mind.

Throughout the workshop, she gave the audiences her special recipe to when dealing with life problems.

Recipe of Happiness

According to her, everyone has a blueprint, a way of life and goals that they want achieved. Her recipe to happiness is simple: find things that you are happy about based on your ‘blueprint’.  Whether it may be coffee with friends or going to the movies, giving yourself a break as extremely important.

When all of the boxes in the blueprints are checked, then happiness is yours. It may be for a day or even for a few hours, but happiness will be achieved.

To end the session, Meelu invited the crowd to meditate with her.

It was an eventful coffee morning that ended in peace and relaxation. The participants were engaged throughout her workshop and many conversed with her afterwards. All in all, her speech was very inspiring and all are very grateful they had the chance to meet her.

Indoindians Coffee Morning Group Photograph
Indoindians Coffee Morning Group Photograph

We thank those who have attended this event with us. For those who didn’t have the chance, there will be other workshops from IndoIndians coming your way!

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