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Namaste Friends,

There is hope in the air with vaccinations against being rolled out in many countries to stop the pandemic in its tracks and bring life back to the ‘old normal’. Indonesia has taken delivery of 3 million doses of China’s Sinovac vaccine, as part of more than 229 million doses it has secured from pharmaceuticals around the world, and is is set to start vaccinating its population against COVID-19 next week.
President Jokowi will be the first to take the shot on 13th Jan, to give people confidence that the jabs are safe. Indonesia is prioritizing its working-age population and those in the 18 to 59-year-old bracket will receive the vaccines after health workers and public servants.

However, great PSBB restrictions come into force from Jan 11 – 25 with WFH 75% and Mall etc to close by 7pm. 5 day quarantine with 2X PCR for international arrivals in Indonesia is in effect till 15th Jan.

Our very first newsletter this year starts on a positive note looking forward to self care with articles on:
– Essential items to travel during the pandemic
– 2021 fashion trends
– 11 Vitamins and minerals for better sleep
– 1- minute self-care routines
– Successful start to your day
– WFH style
– Eco-friendly beauty routine
– and much more…

Stay safe and be positive,
warm regards,
Indoindians Team

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Rise, Adapt, Shine online here >>