Just How Much Happiness is Possible???

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by Carl Massy: Do you actually believe that it is possible to be very happy for the majority of your life? More importantly – is it possible to be very happy while you are not on an all expenses paid vacation??

Hmmm, that got me really thinking too. I like to think that it is definitely possible to be happy most of the time and I also think you can do it regardless of what day of the week it is, if you choose to do things in a conscious manner.

Now you have all heard of Pavlov’s dog. The dog is provided with a small stimulus (just a small bolt of electricity) and then it reacts. We have all got a bit of the animal in us, but we also have something in our human toolkit that is called the ability to reason. This toolkit allows us to open up a gap between the stimulus and reaction, where we have the ability to consciously make a CHOICE and then RESPOND in accordance with that choice. In the case of the electric shock we could:

  • Find the culprit who pushed the button and wring their neck
  • Destroy the machine
  • Run away
  • Get ready to receive another shock because you think you are unworthy
  • Stay about so you can prove how tough you are
  • etc

You actually have the ability to make a choice. That is pretty big deal when it comes to living a happy life. It means that we actually are in control of our lives. And unfortunately, it also means that we are pretty much responsible for what’s happening in it as well. Damn it! This means I really can’t blame the coconut juice for my delays with this Newsletter. The delay was all mine. But that is ok too, because I have this other belief that life unfolds in its own due course. Maybe it was meant to happen in accordance with this timeline…

So what does all this mean specifically in relation to happiness? It means that we are not just genetically predisposed to feel a certain way for the rest of our lives. There are numerous things that we can do (and not do) to improve our level of happiness. That takes our level of happiness up or down. And that is the number one purpose of these Newsletters, blogs and the other work I do. I want to offer you greater awareness and then options (and strategies) to IMPROVE the quality of your choices.

Let’s look at a quick example…

Did you know that your thoughts impact on your emotions? I am sure that you figured that bit out already. But did you know that you can actually control your thoughts? And maybe you knew this also. But knowing (awareness) is not enough. You need to DO something.

And here is my final point. If thoughts impact on emotions, then thoughts also affect your external behaviour. And ultimately it is your behaviour that affects your external experience. So changing your thoughts can affect your entire life. Now there is a great thought!!

So our action steps for changing a negative thought to a positive result:

  • Every time you notice that you are playing a negative scenario in your mind on a looping program, black it out (because if it is from the past it is over, and if it is in the future then is has not happened)
  • Replace it with the *END* RESULT that you actually want.
  • Now play the new picture in your mind on a continuous loop program
  • And as the new picture is playing, feel how you would feel when that new end result comes into being

Two things will happen:

  1. You are guaranteed to feel better (which makes you in a more positive state to deal with any challenges)
  2. You will most probably get the end result you imagined or even better

Have an awesome day too!

CARL MASSY  SIGNEmail: carl@carlmassy.com