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#IndonesianSnack: How to Make Savory, Crunchy Banana Crisps

Not in the mood for sweets? In the mood for healthy salty meals instead? Bananas can be made into different food items from eaten...

#IndonesianSnacks: How to make Sweet Banana Crisps

Ripe bananas are meant to taste sweet. For those who like banana crisps, you shall be delighted for these delicious fruits can be made...

Feeling hungry for sweet & savory snacks? Here are the 10 most famous cassava...

Other than rice, cassava is another ingredient that is widely used to make food in Indonesia. It’s neutral taste also allows it to be...

11 Vitamins and Minerals for Better Sleep

For some people, peaceful sleep is not easy to get. It takes time, energy, work and effort. What many people might not know is...
Make Your Own Homemade GREEN Deodorant & Detergent with Rita Srivastava

A Month of Green Tips and Living by Rita Srivastava

Rita Srivastava  is  a green thinker and advocate. She will be sharing GREEN tips and ideas for the month of March 2019. Rita says 'Separation...
A month of Ayurveda with Shilpa Dhoka

A Month of Ayurveda with Shilpa Dhoka

Dr Shilpa Dhoka is a Jakarta based Ayurvedacharya and holistic wellness practitioner. The whole month of February 2019, she shared her knowledge on Indoindians Facebook as...

#HowTo 7 Ways to Naturally Lose Weight

Getting rid of unwanted weight seems to be a difficult task for most. There are a lot of factors to be counted on from...

6 Healthiest Diets For A Supermodel Body

Looking good and feeling good are extremely important to supermodels. They have to maintain their weight while eating a balanced and nutritious diet. For these...
7 must visit healthy cafes and restaurants in Bali

Top 12 Healthy Cafes and Restaurants in Bali

It seems that Bali really deserves the “health destination” label for many reasons. First, Bali is a great place for you to detox your...

Destination Bandung a Guide

Bandung, City of Flowers, is the provincial capital of West Java and Indonesia' s third largest city. Known in colonial times as the Paris...