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Workout routines are not a do-it-and-smash-it routine. Going right into the routine will only make your muscles have a higher chance of being injured...

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We all need different types of vitamins from A, B, C, E and more. Our food technically contains all of the vitamins, however there...
7 Yoga Poses to Alleviate Anxiety

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Do you feel tired with persistent worries over what’s going to happen in the future, how people act towards you or the worst case...
Happiness is Yoga

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By Rutu Trivedi Panjwani: As International Yoga day is approaching on 21st  of June what can be a better occasion to talk about yoga...

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Our pets including dogs need proper nutrition for a healthy life. It gives dogs energy, boosts immune system and prevents disease from taking over....
7 Ways to Give Off More Positive Energy

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Namaste friends, Hope you had a wonderfully rejuvenating break. A healthy, happy mind can contribute to good health. Balanced living means having a positive outlook, focusing on...

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Ekta Khiani

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D'Lish is a line of eggless cream-based layered desserts, available online, with a wide array of flavors, fillings and toppings, which in turn makes...
stop diabetes

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Should you eat special foods only? Is the disease contagious? Should patients exercise? 8 WAYS TO prevent diabetes Cut excess weight. Have three main meals with two snacks....
gulab jamun

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PERFECT GULAB JAMUNS Ingredients: 400gm full cream milk powder 1 cup maida Approx ½ cup ghee 1 tsp soda kue approx 1 cup milk Paneer from 1 lt milk Khoya from 1...
Carrot – Ginger Soup

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Yield: 6 servings. Ingredients : 2 tablespoons peanut oil. 2 cups coarsely chopped onion. 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger. 2 large garlic cloves, minced. 8 cups vegetable stock. 3 pounds carrots,...
first aid

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Keep a first aid kit in the garage near the fire extinguisher. One adult member of the family and one responsible member of the...
#WhereToGo: Bowling in Jakarta

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Bowling is fun and there are many bowling alleys in Jakarta where you can go with your friends for a great time. Although it is...
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