The Meaning of Attunements in Reiki


AttunementsThe Japanese Theologist Dr. Mikau Usui, after many years of intensive research at the Buddhist monasteries, rediscovered the long forgotten art of healing by transferring Universal life Energy. After a subsequent 21day period of fasting and meditation, he was given an initiation into this art through universal life forces. From this point of time onwards Dr. Usui possessed the ability to transfer Reiki energy and assist other human beings to become channels of Reiki.

Attunements are the very core of the Usui method of natural healing. We have the universal life force energy in us since our birth. Thus any one of us can lay hands on another person and transmit magnetic life force energy. What makes Usui’s system unique is the attunement process. This transmits energy to the student in an amplified state. The energy acts in such a way that it creates an open channel for cosmic energy to flow in from the top of the student’s head, through the energy centers and out through the hands for use in future treatments.

The attunements are very precise and can only be transmitted by a Reiki Master who has been trained in Dr. Usui’s method. Attunements affect each person differently, depending on their vibratory level when they first receive them. In other words, if a student is already at a high vibratory level the attunements will provide a very quick “quantum leap” to an even higher level.

First Degree attunements are focused mainly on opening the Physical body so that it can then accept greater quantities of life force energy. The four attunements of the First degree raise the energy centers of the body, which are also known as Chakras. Many people find the experience deeply moving. In some way their lives change and they never are the same afterwards.

The effect of the four Reiki initiations only effects the charkas indirectly. On a very deep energetic level, in the area of racial karma, it dissolves fixations of guilt which keep people from having direct contact to the universal life energy, This is why, with the exception of attaining the Reiki abilities the emotional/mental/spiritual effects of the initiations are different for each individual. Although certain charkas are touched by the mental preparations, they are used more or less as doors. But the true changes take place on levels that are much deeper. We constantly change ourselves and this attitude very well suits reiki energy , which effects everyone individually.

A new vitality is experienced as Reiki energy infuses your life. Until you actually experience this new vitality its hard to imagine that something so simple can create such an entirely new way of being.

The Seven Chakras
Each chakras connects with particular glands and parts of the Physical Body, as well as specific aspects of emotional and spiritual energy, from the basic survival instinct to the guest for understanding.


The root chakra at the base of the spine, connects to the adrenals, bladder, genitals, spine, and life force.


The sacral chakra relates to the gonads, reproductive organs, legs, and vitality.


The solar plexus chakra connects to the pancreas, liver, stomach and power, fear and control.


The heart chakra is associated with the thymus, heart, lungs, and love.


The throat chakra relates to the thyroid, vocal cords, arms, hands, and self-expression.


The third-eye chakra is associated with the pituitary, brow, intellect and seeing, through the “third-eye”.
Reiki TUMMO The crown chakra connects to the pineal gland, cranium and spiritual consciousness.

” Where love is great changes and healing takes place.”
Mari Hall.