This Navratri feel divine with fasting and correct diet plan by Geeta Seth

This Navratri feel divine with fasting and correct diet plan by Geeta Seth

This Navratri feel divine with fasting and correct diet plan by Geeta Seth

Navratri is a popular Indian festival where divinity grows with the correct diet

The good part about fasting is that all the foods allowed are cooling to the body according to Ayurveda and extremely nourishing.
The foods that produce heat in the body are restricted like Onion , Garlic, certain spices.

Sri Sri Ravishankar says we fast to cleanse the body and not to please the divine

Few tips to further follow the diet successfully and rejuvenate the whole digestive system

  1. Use ghee to cook all the foods,. Excellent fat source of MCT further cooling the body
  2. Use curd more often in the whole day. Your body gets a mega dose of calcium and protein
  3. Buttermilk is ideally recommended adding boiled or steamed pumpkin ,sweet potato,
    Also for people who are more hungry can add roasted flours of buckwheat (kuttu), water chestnut (singhada), Rajgira. This will cool the body at the same time has increased satiety. Consume one to two glasses as per the body’s need
  4. Boiled Sweet potato chat is a good idea if you are looking for some good taste. Add pomegranate to further enhance it
  5. Cold milk is a good option to nourish the body. Sweeten it with dates n raisins to make a herbal shake
  6. Cassava is great for nourishment, so use sago in the form of kheer , soups, khicdi adding peanuts to add to taste
  7. A good idea is to stick to pink salt, rock salt so people with hypertension get some rest and at the same time helps cooling the body
  8. Remember all the above foods due to its properties makes you more restful removing the restlessness
  9. Make roti or upma or Dalia from kutti, rajgira, singhada flours.
  10. Further eat all variety of fruits to keep ur sugar levels not too low

Giving digestive system rest for 9 days will leave you refreshed and fresh
Let the divine and diet synchronise to keep you healthy, happy and connected.

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An easy to follow diet plan:

Geeta Seth shares this diet plan which can be modified to your specific preferences:

Morning tea with 2 soaked dry fruits

One to two fruits
Change fruits daily to get all micronutrients

2 glasses of butter milk / chach / smoothie Salted
Curd one Katori
Steamed sweet potato / pumpkin
Water 2 glasses
Rock salt
Few curry leaves
Few mint leaves

One mango / banana / avocado
1 Katori curd
A teaspoon of coconut sugar , brown sugar or jaggery
2 glasses of water

A side dish with this is half small katori roasted and salted seeds

Tea and sautรฉd Sweet potato / pumpkin / potato
With some pomegranate
Makes a good filling dish

Roti of the flours. One can mix n match as per taste
While making the dough can add boiled potatoes for a change of taste with vegetables used during vrat
Sabudana khichdi with peanuts n potatoes

Vegetable soups are a good alternative to cooked vegetables

shared by Geeta Seth, nutritionist