What’s Up Chef: Rasgulla Recipe by Vijaya Birla

What's Up Chef: Rasgulla Recipe by Vijaya Birla
What's Up Chef: Rasgulla Recipe by Vijaya Birla

Vijaya Birla‘s Rasgullas ( an Indian sweet made with cottage cheese) is famous. These are perfect – soft and sweet – and they hit the spot. She very generously share her recipe and secret tips at the What’s Up Chef cooking demo and tasting session.

Ingredients for 6-8 rasgullas

I. For Cottage Cheese/Chena/Paneer:

Milk 1 liter
White vinegar (Heinz or S&W) โ€“ 3 tb sp. (45 ml)

II For Sugar Syrup:

Water 6 glasses
Sugar 1 glass
Rose Water (Gulab jal)ย  ยผ tsp


  • Boil the milk
  • Add vinegar and stir slowly, put off the gas immediately
  • Pour the ingredients into a muslin cloth and wash the it under the tap properly until it’s cool
  • Press the Cottage Cheese gently to remove extra water until it becomes dry
  • Mash/Blender the Cottage Cheese until it is soft and smooth so that it can be shaped into rounds
  • Shift it to the plate and mix 2 tsp sugar with soft hands
  • After mixing sugar, divide the Cottage Cheese into 8 equal parts
  • Now make smooth balls and put them in boiling syrup
  • Let them boil on high flame for maximum 20 minutes (open in between once or twice and sprinkle little sugar for the rasgullas to turn by themselves)
  • Remove from flame and open the lid and let it cool normally
  • After cooling add Rose Water and keep in refrigerator. Serve chilled.

Sugar Syrup:

Side by side of making Rasgullas, put 6 glasses of water and 1 glass of sugar for boiling.


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For further information please contact Vijaya: +62 818 813 131