#Whereto: List of Places to Buy ‘Jajanan Pasar’ in Jakarta


Other than gorengan and street food, traditional market cakes or ‘Jajanan Pasar‘ is super popular in Jakarta. Not only is it delicious, the food also represents many different cultures that have resided in Jakarta. Going to these markets are therefore a must for those who want to experience Indonesia as a whole.

Here are the places where you can eat various types of ‘jajanan pasar‘:

Pasar Kue Subuh Senen

This particular ‘pasar kue’ or ‘cake market’ is fairly legendary and has long been known by people who love traditional cakes. The location is in the Senen market, Central Jakarta. Usually buyers immediately buy cakes in large quantities to be sold again or to be used as food for parties. The types of food served here is diverse, ranging from various fried foods such as pastels, risol, tahu isi to market snacks such as kue soes to kue lapis. The price of the cake is also very affordable. It’s also important to note that this cake market starts open in the afternoon at 18:00 until 7 in the morning.

Pasar Kue Subuh Melawai

In Blok M, Melawai there is also a cake market which houses stalls around Blok M Square. This market opens from 4 in the morning until 7 in the morning. Various cakes, pastries and fried foods are available here. Snacks such as lemper, sosis solo, aremarem, and pastel can be found here, side by side with bolu kukus to brownies. The price is also not overwhelming, ranging from Rp 1,000-Rp 5,000 for each cake sold. Especially if you buy in large quantities, traders are more likely to give you a discount.

Pasar Kue Subuh Depok

Those who live in the Depok area can hunt for snacks in the Depok Town Square area during early morning hours. Because of its strategic location, diverse types of cakes, and affordable prices are the reasons Depok residents hunt for snacks here. Cakes that you can hunt here include kue lapis, ondeonde, kue sus, bolu, lemper, gorengan, to cake tarts. You can also buy retail or wholesale in small and large quantities. Traditional cakes are available from 4am to 8am.

Toko Kue Vivi

This cake shop is somewhat legendary and has long been known by the people of Jakarta. At least there are more than 80 types of traditional cakes that are served every day at this pastry shop located in South Jakarta. The cakes here are quite cheap, have different varieties and many are delicious too. You can buy a variety of snacks from Lapis Surabaya, Pineapple Roll, Martabak, Chicken Risoles, Smoked Beef Risoles, Cheese Croquettes, Rhum Ball & Sus Ragut.


In the midst of the onslaught of international style cake and bread, Bakery Monami remained steadfast in its establishment to present market snacks in Jakarta. If you happen to be looking for Mud Cakes, Klepon, or Lemper which are rarely found in Jakarta’s shopping centers, stop by the Monami Bakery outlets that have spread across 13 different locations. The ingredients used to make traditional cakes are also of high quality, so it’s not the same as the snacks you usually get in the market.

Toko Roti Tegal

The next legendary cake shop can be reached at Tegal Bakery, located at Jalan Matraman Raya number 68. The location is not too far from the Gramedia Bookstore, it can reach this shop on foot from there. This is also the case with the types of bread and cakes they sell. You can find a variety of tarts, lapis legit, or lapis Surabaya made with traditional recipes. This is the main attraction of Tegal Bakery. Moreover, they make bread without using preservatives.

Toko Kue Nyonya Ali

Source: Love Indonesia

Toko Kue Nyonya Ali became the next choice of legendary cake shops in the city of Jakarta. This cake shop has survived since 1969. Interestingly, this cake shop still survives and gets new customers every day. This can happen because this cake shop is indeed famous for successfully maintaining the taste of its products, especially for cupcake and lemper products. Currently there are more than 60 types of cakes on display at Nyonya Ali, and the majority of the cakes are made from scratch.

Pastel Ma Cik

Ma Cik pastel is one of the most legendary snacking shops in Jakarta. Currently, the store has expanded to 15 locations spread all around in Jakarta. It’s most delicious snack is pastel. But not only find pastels with vegetable stuffing, but many other ingredients like chicken. Not only pastels, there are also lemper, mini martabak and various other snacks that you can find here.

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