#Wheretogo: 7 Nature Destinations in Bondowoso


Indonesia is a large country where there are many types of destinations from modern, cosmopolitan to nature. Bondowoso in East Java is definitely an offroad destination in the midst of green natural surroundings that you can visit.

Here are the bountiful nature destinations that you can visit:

Bosamba Rafting 

Looking for a rafting destination? Then you must visit the Bosamba Rafting! Located at the Taman Krocok village, the Sampean baru river extends a total of about 14 km. The journey is expected to take a total of 2.5 hours, with waterfalls and a bat cave which visitors can use.

Since the journey also passes several villages, visitors will be able to see activities like washing cattle and such. What’s more, the bridge above the waters allows visitors to test their courage by jumping to the waters at a height of 10 meters. Alternatively, other extreme sports are also available such as flying fox, paint balls and group camping for anyone visiting the area.

Arabica Coffee Plantation

One of the things that Bondowoso is known for is it’s Arabica coffee, which has a bitter and sour taste. This taste is so particular to this coffee that it has become a signature to the area itself. Other than tasting the coffee, visitors can also learn the process on how to process coffee beans.

These coffee plantations are managed by a company, PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XII. Either way, you can choose between Blawan fields and Kalisat Jampit fields to understand more about Arabica coffee beans. There is also a restaurant within the vicinity if you are interested to taste fresh Arabica coffee.

Blawan Hotspring Pool

More people know about the majestic Blawan waterfall, rather than its hot springs. The source of heat mainly comes from the nearby Kawah Ijen which has a lot of Sulphur. The water sources will therefore have heat in it, creating a hot spring pool where visitors can head over to the location.

Visitors can choose between different choices of pools, from the hotter version to the warmer version, where visitors can simply soak their feet or even wash their face.

 Betoh So’on 

Stonehenge is probably the most famous tourist site in England. Bondowoso also has large Stonehenge like structures neatly standing erect and forming a circle. Situated in the middle of the forest, these rock formations surrounding the area and the location in a ravine makes the it look beautiful.

Unfortunately, because it’s located in a ravine, you have to travel along a ravine to see the stone formation in its full glory. Another choice visitors have is to enjoy the view from the top of the mountain. It looks even more beautiful photographed as you can get the full view of the stones.

Kawah Ilalang

Kawah ilalang is a large field of weeds at curah penai close to ijen craters. It is absolutely beautiful, with especially with weeds blown with the wind. Not only are the fields beautiful, but the route towards going there are also very impressive, with green hills surrounding the area and plantation fields that visitors can see. The best time to visit the crater are during December-February.

A unique aspect of this field is the sound it makes while being blown by the winds. You will hear the sound of lions roaring. Stay calm, as there are no wild animals in the crater.

Tasnan Forest 

That destination is called the Tasnan forest, a forest that is exclusively filled with pine trees. When the holidays rolls around, you can try staying here to have a picnic. You only need to spend Rp 5000 to enjoy the beauty of the Tasnan forest.

The tall pine trees provide shade from the sun. These forests is very suitable for a family vacation. It also provides a variety of activities from unique locations to take pictures at, flying fox, swings, tree house to climb, playground for children and swimming pools!

Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen is a vacation destination that is already widely known by both national and foreign tourists. It takes about 1. 5 hours to reach Kawah Ijen from Banyuwangi. It is recommended that tourists start the journey from 11 pm at night, so as to be able to see the blue fire as well as see the sunrise from the mountains.

The mountains are also wonderful to see during the day, as you will be able to see the beautiful ijen crater filled with sulfur. The blue-green color of the lake is not something you can see in other parts of the world, as it is one of Indonesia’s natural wonders. As beautiful as it is, visitors should also be careful as the Sulphur content of this mountain will create discomfort such as watering eyes and runny nose.

As fun metropolitan cities may be, there is no replacement for the nature destinations. The beautiful views, the fresh air will refresh both your mind and body. Bondowoso, with pristine and infinite nature can serve as an alternative to other nature destinations in Indonesia!

Have you ever been to one of these destinations? Share your experience with us in the comment section down below!