Which is Better: Work Out in the Morning or in the Afternoon?


Are you about choosing the best time to exercise? Most people think that exercising in the morning is better than in the afternoon. As long as the exercise is done consistently, the benefits of morning or evening exercise will be fulfilled.

Check out the benefits of exercise in the morning and in the afternoon, as below:

Benefits of exercise in the morning:

8-Tips-to-Beat the-Monday-Blues-ExerciseBased on research, people are able to exercise more consistently in the morning because they haven’t done much activity. If the morning exercise finishes at 5 AM, we still have enough time to do other activities such as hanging out with friends, completing homework and so on. A study found a greater threshold for pain by those who exercised in the morning.

Although there is no definitive research on how morning exercise can make you sleep better, most studies show that morning exercise is more beneficial for sleep. People with insomnia are helped exercising in the morning. In addition, people can burn more body fat by exercising on an empty stomach which is easier to do in the morning than at night.

Benefits of exercise in the afternoon:

7-Most-Calorie-Burning-Exercises-To-Try-Jumping-RopeDoing a short afternoon workout helps you perform better, according to several studies. Evening workout with short duration include swimming, cycling, jumping, running, and endurance training. In the afternoon, our muscles are warmer due to the naturally higher body temperature. Warm conditions with warming up make it equivalent to exercise in the morning.

Exercise in the afternoon can also increase testosterone levels. Another advantage is that the motivation to exercise is greater than exercising in the morning.

Work Out in the Morning or in the Afternoon?

The body can adapt to regular exercise. If cycling is always done every day at 7 am, the body will perform better than other times of the day. Research shows that people who exercise consistently at the same time each day see better results, regardless of whether they choose to hit the gym in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Donโ€™t forget to warm up any muscles if exercising in the morning. If an afternoon workout is best for your schedule, invite friends to exercise with you and always carry sports equipment in your car so that there are no excuses.

What time of day do you prefer to exercise? Are you consistent? Share your comments in the comments section below.