11 Productivity Tips by Experts


We’ve all heard productivity tips from various sources all around the internet. These tips are useful, but sometimes do not apply to your regular day-to-day grind. If you are still confused on what you can do to improve your productivity, you can change your habits or activities by listening to experts instead.

Here is a list of expert tips for increased productivity:

Clean your working space

Tips-and-Tricks-to-Work-from-Home-Set-up-a-Functional-WorkspaceClutter is a recipe for disaster for those looking to be productive. The piles of stuff, your pile of work can all be mixed together that could definitely spell out disaster if you are in a hurry. Not only will working be ineffective, but you can also feel overwhelmed before starting working. For that reason, organizing your space can make the work itself feel more manageable. One tip you can do is to put on your favorite songs while cleaning. Guaranteed, you will feel more refreshed and your space will be clean as ever.

Finish tasks with least resistance

To some people, a to-do list is a dreadful list in which they must to their most despicable tasks. As a result, they procrastinate on the tasks they must do and miss the deadline. The only way to change this cycle is to change your mindset. Many tips online mentioned to start from the most difficult and important tasks first but that is exactly what would make you procrastinate more towards the tasks. Instead, start by tackling the tasks that you are less resistant towards. Once you get the ball rolling, it will be much easier to continue with that pace.


6-Ways-to-Self-Validate-and-Love-YourselfWhen you are busy and on top of your game, sometimes self-care may simply feel like a waste of time. Contrary to that thought, self-care is extremely important to unplug and give yourself a rest from your most stressful thoughts. Not to mention, it can be difficult to set aside time for self-care. However, you’ll benefit in the long run if you do. Which is why the moment when you are feeling stressed out, take some time to sleep, eat well and relax. After all, you won’t even feel productive if you feel hangry or tired.

Devotion rather than discipline

As much as discipline is a good tip to give for productivity, some people can feel pressured or overwhelmed by that word since it has an air of obligation. Instead, opt for “devotion” as dedicating yourself to your goals is much more motivating and pleasant to the ears and mind.

Find and define your goals

Without a goal, then chances are you will have nothing to hold on to and you may even lose your way to your destination. Which is why before even starting the journey, you need to be able to determine which way you are heading as well as your destination. Make a decision on where you want to be in a year or so, then break up your goals into smaller goals for which you can go on, step-by-step.

Find the time you are most productive

5 minutes time chunkingWe are all wired in different ways when it comes to productivity. Some feel more productive in the night time, others feel more refreshed in the morning. This step requires observation as you will need to understand when you are most motivated to work. By working only when you are most effective, life is both more productive and more enjoyable for you.

Do not multitask

5-Easy-Ways-to-be-Mindful-in-your-Day-to-Day-Life-One-Thing-At-a-TimeDuring a time crunch, all of us will be scrambling to do our work and most probably multitask. This is the result of procrastination and being disorganized. Multitasking, in particular, is something that we highly do not recommend for many reasons. Even though you aim to be effective by multitasking, it is doing the opposite as you will be producing sub-par results for all your projects instead of fewer tasks at a time that are high-quality. We recommend focusing all of your attention on just one task at hand, finish it and move on. It might be difficult in the beginning as it takes discipline, but we promise you it gets easier with practice. Other than that, it also gets you better results.

Plan far ahead

How-Your-Bath-Can-Be-a-Stressbuster-Plan-aheadDon’t finish your tasks right before your deadline. Get control of your time by planning what you want to do the night before, so you can get straight to business the moment you start your day. Don’t wait until the morning, as you may be pressed for time once your morning begins. Preparing the night before is therefore paramount for you to become more organized.

Batch processing

Batching is not a common term, but it is an effective technique to maximize concentration and decrease distraction. It can therefore increase productivity, creativity, and mental sharpness, while decreasing fatigue, procrastination, and stress. Batching is the process of grouping similar tasks that require similar resources, so that you won’t need to reach out to different resources when doing the projects.

Take control of your time

Everyday, there are a lot of things that require your time and attention. If you are not careful, what was intended to be a 5-minute scrolling through social media can turn to 1 hour without you realizing it. Which is why it’s important to take control of your time. You can do that by setting an alarm if you plan to browse through social media. Set the time for 15-20 minutes is enough to go through Facebook, Instagram or whatever you use. Putting time constraints for things like email, social media, and even meetings will make you much more productive and in control.

Give yourself a break

Tips-and-Tricks-to-Work-from-Home-Give-Yourself-a-BreakSimilar to workouts where you give your muscles a break between workouts, the same principles apply to working. Give yourself the much needed rest after working for every 90 minutes. Several activities you can do to reset includes getting up to stretch, run up and down a few flights of stairs, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any other tips? Share your experience in the comments section below!