5 Tips for First-Timers Travelling to Indonesia

5 Tips for First-Time Travelling to Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with different cultures, languages, islands and more. Which is why many things can seem to be challenging for first-time tourists in Indonesia. But as long as you make the proper preparation before coming here, surely you will find that your trip will be so much more enjoyable and find yourself less confused on what is happening.

Here are some tips for first-time tourists in Indonesia:

  1. Watch out for entry requirements/visas

Before coming here, make sure that your passport is still valid for at least six months before you enter Indonesia. Being well prepared at the start is much better than having your visa expire at the last minute.

You can make sure about the entry requirements for a foreigner to visit Indonesia on the Indonesian immigration online site at https://visa-online.imigrasi.go.id. Here, they will direct you to legal requirements for an Indonesian visa. Everything is written there, so you need to follow the needs of every detail for your visas.

  1. Check the weather

The second most important thing you need to pay attention to when travelling to Indonesia is to be aware of the weather. Although Indonesia is a country with only dry and rainy seasons interchangeably, you should prepare the best for what seasons that up to during your visit.

During the dry seasons, the sun will be blazing above you so put some sun protection on. The plus side to this is that you can explore places with the coldest temperatures in Indonesia.

In some areas depending on the month, the weather can switch from morning to night. The day can be hot and sweltering but the nights cool and chilly. Be aware of the changes in weather, or else you will catch a summer cold.

It’s going to cause even more trouble if you decide to travel in the rainy season as it can be unpredictable with sunshine in the morning and thunderous rain in the evening. You need to prepare more while visiting Indonesia during this season.

  1. Be aware of the currency

The Indonesian Rupiah might put you in a spin, for it has a lot of zeroes, making the amount look big. For that reason, you need to be careful when calculating the amount as it can fool you by the number of zeroes behind.

When exploring Indonesia, we also recommend carrying cash. Remember to only change yours in the legal money changer in order to avoid scammers. Don’t forget to ask small denominations such as IDR5,000, IDR10,000, and IDR20,000 since food and drink is usually under IDR50,000.

  1. Use a transportation app

There are many transportation options you can choose in Indonesia, but one of the most popular one is using a transportation app.  Nowadays, there are so many transportation Apps that will help go from one place to the other in Indonesia. Luckily, it can be used in different provinces. You can prepare by downloading the Gojek and Grab app (the most popular apps in Indonesia) before your travels.

  1. Learn basic conversational Indonesian language

Make your trip easier by learning the Indonesian language. You don’t have to become an advanced learner or an expert, but basic Indonesian language can be helpful for your journey. The least you can learn is how to say Thank You, or even asking where the toilet is in Indonesian.

Thank You – Terimakasih

Sorry / Excuse me –  Maaf

Yes – Ya

No – Tidak

Help – Tolong

How much/ many – Berapa

Where is the toilet? –  Toilet di mana?

In general, most Indonesian are kind to foreign tourists. They will gladly help you if asked without expecting tips for helping you. The case is different if you do decide to reward them, which is your choice.

Is there anything you are doing to prepare for your trip? Tell us in the comments section below!