7 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Gunung Bismo


Its stunning natural beauty, clean air, and friendly people make the Dieng Plateau a magnet for local and foreign tourists. Visit Mount Bismo, one of the mountains of Dieng besides Mount Prau, Mount Pakuwaja, Mount Sikunir.

Here are 7 things about Mount Bismo that everyone needs to know:

1. As One of the Mountains of Dieng

gunung-bismo-second-roof-of-diengMount Bismo with a height of 2,365 meters above sea level is one of the mountains of the Dieng Plateau. This mountain is located in the Dieng Plateau which borders Banjarnegara Regency on the north side.

2. Former Ancient Volcano


Mount Bismo is a former ancient volcano with an old crater that is cut open to the southeast. The ancient caldera is shaped like a hand grip, so the surrounding community considers it to be the claw of the hand of one of the puppet figures, Prince Bismo.

3. Part of the Mountain Range in Dieng.

part-of-the-mountain-range-in-diengThe Dieng area is surrounded by mountains, some of which are often used for climbing, camping sites or just watching the sunrise.

4. Can Be Hiked Via the Sikunang route


One of the climbing routes to climb Mount Bisma is via Sikunang. The distance is only about 3.8 kilometers from the Welcome Monument in Dieng. Hikers can use ojek (a motorcycle taxi) from Pos 1 to Pos 2. Then continue the journey on foot to Pos 3 which only takes 15 minutes. During the climb, climbers will pass several peaks, namely Peak Nemu-nemu and Peak Tugel, until they reach the highest point of Mount Bismo, namely Puncak Indraprasta. At the bottom of Indraprasta Peak, there is a campsite which is sufficient for a tent with a capacity of one person.

5. Suitable for Beginner Climbers

pendaki-pemulaThe hiking trail to the top of Mount Bismo via Sikunang is quite easy, because there are many very clear instructions already available on the hiking trail. Climbers will pass through the houses of residents on the beginning track of the climb. To reach the top of Mount Bismo, climbers will take a journey of approximately two hours. However, it depends on the physical and mental of each individual. Interestingly, if hikers want to arrive faster, they can use ojek (a motorcycle taxi) to go to Post 2 from basecamp.

6. Flickering Lights and Overturned Boat


Hikers can see the sparkling lights of the Dieng Plateau with the background of Mount Prau which looks like an overturned boat from the top of Mount Bisma at night. There are also flickering lights from Batur and Banjarnegara district on the west side. Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing look majestic on the southeast side. Mount Merbabu is also visible at the end of the horizon. If the sky is clear, millions of stars can be seen to beautify the sky.

7. Rows of Mountains and Plantations


From the west side of the peak of Mount Bismo, hikers can see a plantation area that looks like a checkered carpet. At the end of the western horizon, there is Mount Slamet which is known as the roof of Central Java. The north side presents a mountain range that separates Banjarnegara Regency from Pekalongan and Batang. Looking to the south – southeast, Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing look very clear and close from the top of Mount Bismo.

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