8 Delicious Rice Dishes In Indonesia

8 Delicious Rice Dishes In Indonesia: Nasi Kuning 

Indonesia’s rich culture also means that the food is diverse. Whether it is tofu, tempeh or sate, there are many different varieties in which it can be cooked. Rice, being the common food ingredient in many full course meals also has different ways in which it is cooked and served.

Here are the 8 rice dishes from Indonesia:

Nasi Kentut 

This uniquely named rice comes from the island of Sumatra, to be exact from Medan. According to its origin, the name kentut does not mean rice that can fart but rather that it emits gas that smells like fart. Paederia foetida are healing plants called daun kentut by the Bataknese. The leaves are used as a mixture of spices in cooking rice and then wrapped in bananas and burned.

Nasi kentut is usually accompanied by side dishes: anchovies, Pepes Oncom, fried chicken, sambal and others.

Nasi Campur 

Nasi campur is a typical culinary of the Dewata islands and is famous for being a popular dish eaten by the Balinese people. This rice does consist of a variety of delicious additional menus. Such as: Balinese seasoned chicken, eggs that are rich in spices, or added to the legendary Balinese sate lilit. Vegetables similar to urap also add to the complete Balinese nasi campur.

Nasi Subut

The island of Kalimantan is known for its Dayak culture which certainly affects the daily culinary of its inhabitants.

One unique dish is processed rice called Nasi Subut from North Kalimantan. This delicious local dish is indeed unique in appearance. This rice is made with a mixture of corn and purple sweet potatoes, so the dominant color is purple. The side dish that is paired for nasi subut is sate ikan pari or stingray satay. Stingray satay is also a traditional food from Kalimantan.

Nasi Ambeng 

Knowing Javanese society is certainly no stranger to various traditions such as brokohan, mitoni, tedak sinten and others, it is no wonder there is celebratory food for special occasions. One of it is nasi ambeng.

The rice arranged in a winnowing tray is served to neighbors who attend the feast and is eaten together by four to five people. Nasi ambeng is usually served with perkedel, boiled eggs, chicken opor, tofu, tempeh, urap and vermicelli.

Nasi Balap 

Other than the famed Dewata island, Lombok which is situated right next to it also has a unique rice dish you must try. The name of the dish is nasi balap or racing rice. Seems appropriate, for this name is given because it is loved by racers in the Lombok area who are holding races at night. When the stomach is hungry at dinnertime, nasi balap becomes the preferred rice dish in Lombok at night.

One portion of nasi balap contains rice, shredded chicken which is typically spicy Lombok-style, yardlong beans, mustofa potatoes or crispy potatoes, then there is shredded beef, and what makes it even more delicious is organic fried chicken.

Nasi Kuning 

This food is can be served at breakfast but it is also available during celebrations. The taste of the rice is savory and yellow in color because it is cooked with turmeric, spices, and coconut milk. In one serving of yellow rice, there are balado eggs, sambal kentang dan ati, orek tempe, orek telur and sambal.

Nasi Uduk 

Betawi’s specialty rice dish called nasi uduk has a savory and spicy taste because it is cooked with coconut milk. It is usually accompanied by various complementary foods such as tempeh orek, peanut sauce, fried vermicelli, bakwan, and of course jengkol stew. Add crackers to make it more delicious.

Nasi Padang 

Who doesn’t like nasi padang? The rice used is plain white rice, it’s just that the side dishes it is served with are what makes this dish special.

The choice of side dishes varies from rendang, concang curry, tunjang curry, liver and spleen curry, grilled chicken, grilled fish, and many more. In addition, the rice is also doused with curry sauce and rendang. Don’t forget the boiled cassava leaves and of course the green chili cooked with anchovies. If you want something crunchy, you can add kerupuk kulit or skin crackers too.

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