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easy orange cake recipe

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Chocolate cakes are definitely a crowd pleaser and a go to for any birthday party. At a friend birthday dinner, there was a request...
Indian Restaurants in Bandung

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Although there are only a few Indian restaurants in Bandung , you can taste the authenticity of Indian cuisine at these restaurants in Bandung: Prabhu Curry If you’re...
Indian Restaurants in Surabaya

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The growing economic development has led to an inflow of diverse people from across the globe to Surabaya, the capital of east Java, including many...
A Taste of India in Medan, North Sumatera

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Medan has a an amazing culinary heritage. You don’t need to go to high-end restaurants to find delicious foods. Small street food vendors also...
Best Ways to Eat Fruits

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There’s no doubt that eating fruit is an important part of our healthy diet. Fruits are healthy for us, and we all know that—but...

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Are you surprised to know that there are a Indian restaurants in Semarang, Central Java? Some may be small in size and only serving quick...

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6 Restaurants in Jakarta that Specialized in Hot and Spicy Food

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Now that we’ve talked about Sambal, it’s but natural that we talk about where we can find extra hot and spicy food in Jakarta. Here are 5...

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Below are listings for police, fire, flood control, hospitals and other important emergency phone numbers in Jakarta. Emergency Services Police 110 Fire 113 Ambulance 118 Electrical Faults 123 Directory Assistance...
Foods that Lower Cholesterol

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Here are some good general suggestions for lowering cholesterol: Eat a fiber rich breakfast such as oatmeal, whole grain muffins, fruit. Read cereal box nutrition...
Cauliflower Pizza Base – Really!

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So yes, pizza CAN BE healthy! If you cut this crust into 8 slices, each piece of crust (without toppings) has only 50 calories,...

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NAAN - 2 Ingredients: 500gm maida ½ cup milk ½ cup curd ½ tsp soda kue 1 tbsp butter ¾ tsp yeast Directions: Knead into a dough and leave to rise in a...
Classic Spaghetti Bolognaise

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Bolognaise Sauce (serves 6) Ingredients : 1 cup olive oil 300gm minced veal 300gm minced pork 1 kg onion peeled and sliced 1 kg tomato peeled, seeded and chopped 2 tbsp...


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